Round 9: Jelger Wiegersma vs. Mike Schulze

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The last round of the day and Jelger Wiegersma and Mike Schulze are battling out for the honour of going into day two in pole position. More incredibly Schulze, who travelled across from nearby Dresden, had no byes. That meant his deck has gone an amazing 8-0. Wiegersma is no stranger to this position. The Dutch pro has ripped up the GP standings over the past two years.

Game 1

Macetail Hystrodon
Macetail Hystrodon has Cycling, not Morph
As expected both have very good decks. Wiegersma has a lightning fast red-green deck with double Timberwatch Elf. Mike Schulze has a fairly bombalicious deck with Kilnmouth Dragon and Dragon Roost.

Game 1 was sadly anticlimactic. Wiegersma shocked Schulze's turn 4 morph and when it was turned over it was revealed to be a Macetail Hystrodon. Tiredness (it was 23:30) had caused the German player to mix up the morph and cycling.

He was duly awarded a game loss.

Wiegersma 1-0 Schulze

Game 2 was equally unfortunate as Schulze ended up drawing all his expensive casting cost spells and got smashed very quickly by Wiegersma's quick monsters.

In all the game didn't take much longer than 5 minutes and Jelger Wiegersma goes into yet another Grand Prix day two with a perfect record.

Final Result: Jelger Wiegersma beat Mike Schulze 2-0

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