Finals: Benjamin Caumes vs. Alex Mack

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Game 1

Alex won the die roll but chose to go second. Both players made a first turn Seal of Fire. Caunes played a couple of creatures but they were killed by another Seal of Fire and a Firebolt. The German was the first player to find the most important card, Cursed Scroll. In addition to this problem, Benjamin had drawn too much land and he couldn't put up any resistance at all.

Alex Mack 1 – Benjamin Caunes 0

Game 2

Alex realised that Benjamin would be siding in Stone Rains, and so decided not to bring in his Savage Firecats for fear they would be stolen by Threaten. Alex went first and this time it was Benjamin with the Cursed Scroll. Mack tried to keep it from being active with a couple of Stone Rains, and then drew his own Cursed Scroll to level the playing field. Benjamin managed to play Threaten in the final of a constructed GP, but all it achieved was one damage to him as Alex sacrificed the Mogg Fanatic.

Alex gained the advantage with his third and fourth Stone Rain, leaving Caumes with only two Wastelands in play. Benjamin didn't draw a red source in time and was Scrolled out.

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