Round 13: Christophe Haim vs. Raphael Levy

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So, the Aluren mirror.. An interesting matchup, if you like solving math puzzles in your free time. The two decks in this match are carbon copies so it's really going to come down to which player draws the most beatdown creatures as actually casting Aluren can lead to a lot of very confusing situations, players comboing each other in response to losing the game and exploding brains.

Game 1

Raphael lead with 2 Forests and had to cycle a Cloud of Faeries to find a third land, which he did in forest number 3. Christophe was stuck on 1 land, but he had two Birds to make sure he has both enough and colored mana. Raphael started the beats with a turn 3 Wirewood Savage and just send it in the next turn after playing forest number four.

A Therapy took out Raph's hand the next turn and Christophe Intuitioned for Alurens. Despite the threat of Raphael's Savage Christophe decided to give his combo a try. He kicked off with 3 Raven Familiars before finally playing a Harpy, bouncing it a couple of times to try and find an answer to Raph's Savage. He found one in Cloud of Faeries to untap his land and Living Wishing for Gilded Drake. After that, it's purely academic and Christophe takes game 1.

Game 2

Raphael had to mulligan his opening hand in game 2 but came out strong with a turn 1 Birds and a turn 2 Raven Familiar. He paid echo on turn 3 and turned the little beater sideways, passing the turn without doing anything else. Christophe, in the meanwhile, wasn't doing that much himself following up his turn 2 Wall of Blossoms with a Brainstorm and a go. Both players spend their next few turns setting up a good hand with Therapies, an Aluren and some combo pieces.

Christophe blinked first with an Intuition for Therapies to rip apart Raphael's hand but he had no follow up and Raphael recovered quite easily with a Deep Analysis and an Intuition of his own. When Raph Therapied he saw Gilded Drake and Maggot Carrier waiting, not the most exciting cards to have in hand at this point. Raph still didn't actually have an Aluren, which prevented him from going off completely but it looked like it was only a matter of time when Raphael started bouncing his Familiar with a Harpy. All the Familiars found were more Harpies and Familiars but they got the job done as well, reducing Christophe to 0 in a couple of attack steps.

Final Result: Time ran out at his point and the match ended in a draw.

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