Round 15: Anton Jonsson vs. Jose Enrique Veifa Peon

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Anton is playing a fairly standard Psychatog and Jose is playing a Goblin deck, but with a few non-standard cards like Goblin Patrol and a blue splash as well. They are playing for the top eight

Game 1

Anton goes first and although the Spaniard casts a Jackal Pup on his first turn, Anton was able to Mana Leak a Goblin Patrol. Jose did himself no favors whatsoever by casting another Patrol and then forgetting it's echo. Anton played a Psychatog. All Jose could do was Reckless Charge a Goblin Piledriver to knock Anton down to nine. This seemed safe enough although the Piledriver is a pretty good blocker versus Psychatog.

The Swede then had an absolutely nuts turn when he cast two Accumulates in Jose's end step, drawing both of the other two Accumulates and attacking for Peon's entire life total.

Anton Jonsson 1 – Jose Peon 0

Game 2

Jose had to start the second game with a mulligan. He got a reasonable draw from the six cards, playing a Mogg Fanatic, and then giving it a Reckless Charge to attack for four. This was followed up by an Ice to slow Anton down, and a Jackal Pup, while the Swede still had nothing on the table.

Anton Edicted away the Fanatic, and then Duressed. This revealed that Jose had a Tangle Wire, an Annul and a Goblin Piledriver in his hand. Jose summoned his Piledriver, and attacked with everything next turn. Once again this proved to be wrong, as Anton was able to deal exactly enough damage with the Psychatog, via an Intuition for Gush

Anton Jonsson 2 – Jose Peon 0

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