Round 15: Dirk Baberowski vs. Amiel Tenenbaum

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These two accomplished players find themselves in the position to make Top 8 after a grueling fifteen rounds of swiss. Dirk Baberowski is playing a fairly standard Sligh deck that put Patrick Mello in the top 8 already. Amiel is running his OBC deck with a few Dazes thrown in. Blue/Green madness seems to actually be a fine deck for this environment if you can get a turn 2 Mongrel or Aquamoeba. Flying 6/6s are good in every format, I guess.

Game 1

After a very thorough deck check Dirk won the die roll and decided to play first. Both players kept their opening hands and Dirk kicked things off with a turn 1 Pup. He didn't play a land on turn two and Amiel played a Mongrel, an obvious problem for Sligh. Another Mongrel showed up on turn three followed by yet another of the annoying doggies on turn four. Dirk's Pups couldn't stand up to Amiel's Mongrels at all and when Amiel attacked on turn 5 he had enough cards to win the game right there.

Game 2

This game was a true showcase of how powerful the blue/green deck can be when it draws the right cards. Turn one Study, discarding Walla. Turn two Mongrel. Turn three Arrogant Wurm. Dirk tried to overcome the ideal OBC hand but when the Mongrel sprang forth another Rootwalla his army of Goblins and Pups got destroyed in his attack step. An Aquamoeba and an Arrogant Wurm were quick to clean up the pieces.

Final Result: Tenenbaum 2 - Baberowski 0

Two rather unexciting games see Amiel reach his first constructed GP Top 8. Dirk will have to try again next time.

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