Quarterfinals: Patrick Mello vs. Anton Jonsson

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Game 1

Patrick won the die roll which was already bad news for Anton, and Jonsson also had to mulligan. This match is very much in favor of the red deck, although if Anton gets a Psychatog on turn three he might be able to win.

Patrick started with a Jackal Pup, which was Reckless Charged on his second turn. He missed his land drop but also played a Raging Goblin on turn three, knocking Anton down to eleven. Jonsson couldn't find a turn three Psychatog so he went to eight and countered a Piledriver. A Brainstorm and a Gush couldn't find a Psychatog either, so they were very quickly onto the second game.

Patrick Mello 1 – Anton Jonsson 0

Game 2

Once again the Swede had to take a mulligan, but unfortunately one mulligan wasn't enough this time. He had to go down to four cards and still didn't find a land. Patrick had won the game with Raging Goblin, Goblin Lackey, and Goblin Piledriver before Anton laid a land.

Patrick Mello 2 – Anton Jonsson 0

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