2002 Grand Prix Reims Recap

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The Goblins have invaded!

Before the tournament the decks everyone were talking about were Reanimator, Rock or even the Oath deck that took Houston. No one gave much thought to Sligh. Fireblast and Ball Lightning had gone, it was a shadow of its former self and stood no chance against decks capable of spitting Verdant Forces out on turn two. But Reanimator failed to put in an appearance and beatdown announced its return in savage fashion.

Three sligh decks smashed their way into the top 8. They were joined by a Suicide Black deck, a White Weenie deck, a 3 colour beatdown deck, a Tog deck and a Draco-Explosion deck. In the end the decks with islands in were swept aside as the goblins, led by the formidable Goblin Piledriver, mauled their way to take three of the semi-final places. Benjamin Caumes beat Patrick Mello in a mirror match semi while Emmanuel Vernay, with his suicide black deck, was never going to proceed any further against that heat.

In the end Alex Mack of Germany faced off against Benjamin Caumes in a battle of the burn and Firecat-oriented eight-Mountain Sligh versus Caumes' goblin-heavy Piledriver Sligh. In the end the burn won out as Alex Mack took the title of Champion of Grand Prix Reims.

All hail Sligh, the King is back!

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