Finals: Carlos Romão vs. Anton Jonsson

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So it's up to the Swede to stop the World Champion from simply crossing the Atlantic and taking an European Grand Prix title.

Game 1

The crowd gathers to watch the final chapter of the weekend.
Anton certainly started with a bang, with a turn two Sparksmith. He then took a big risk sending his creature in when Carlos had no play. Sure enough the big Brazilian had Vitality Charm. Out went the annoying Goblin.

Unfazed Jonsson played two Gustcloak Harriers and a Crown of Fury in one of them. Meanwhile Romão was busy playing Smokespew Invoker, morph and Seedborn Muse. The flyers came in again dropping Carlos to a mere eight.

Sootfeather Flock came in to block the big Harrier. Anton used Piety Charm to keep it from killing hig flyer. Down went the Brazilian to six. He drew his card reread his Muse and scooped his cards.

Anton 1-0 Carlos.

Game 2
Carlos started with a first turn Taunting Elf, followed by Wellwisher and a morph. Anton resigned himself to a slower type of game and played Battlefield Medic and a morph. Carlos'morph was a Sootfeather Flock that he revealed to attack at will. The Wellwisher kept churning life in enough quantity to keep him above twenty life.

A Smokespew Invoker gave the Brazilian a way to kill creatures buy before he could get in online Jonsson revealed a flyer to kill the Flock. The Red Zone was now all Swedish. At least it looked like that. Then Carlos taped seven mana and his Taunting Elf gained Mythic Proportions.

Anton: "Combo!"

Unsurpringly he conceded the next turn.

Anton 1-1 Carlos.

Game 3

Anton Jonsson is in a hurry.
In the decisive game of the whole weekend Anton Jonsson started with Battlefield Medic. He thought before attacking with it, fearing Vitality Charm. When Carlos didn't play it he hooted his delight. The Brazilian played Timberwatch Elf and a morph while Jonsson unloaded Gustcloak Sentinel and the usual two Gustcloak Harriers.

At twelve Carlos Romão played Sootfeathered Flock and used it to stop a Harrier, dropping to seven. Again Jonsson sent in his crew and Carlos revealed a second Flock, stopping both Harriers and falling to four. On the next turn Anton sent the same team in along with a morph.

Romão thought long and hard about the crucial block, squinting his eyes looking for a way out. He let the Sentinel through and blocked the morph and both Harriers. The flyers traded and the World Champion was now at one facing four creatures with only three blockers.

Just to be sure he played Macetail Hystrodon and attacked. Romão smiled and extended his hand.

Final Result: Jonsson def. Romão, 2-1

Anton Jonsson is the Grand Prix Sevilla winner in a incredily speedy final.

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