Round 10: Raul Perez vs. Antoine Ruel

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Game 1

Raul Perez just got trampled by Caller of the Claw.
They came out on opposite sides of the life spectrum: Perez losing life with Wretched Anurid and Ruel winning life with Wellwisher. This did not bode well for the Spanish played who was soon staring at three elves.

He pressed one with the Anurid and two morphs. Antoine gangblocked one of the morphs and Raul Perez revealed Skinthinner. Out went the Wellwisher. The problem was he also killed Wirewood Herald. The French used it to get Caller of the Claw, getting three tokens. With Perez creatures tapped the next turn was short and bloody as the Caller led the tokens into the Red Zone.

A draw phase later Raul Perez reached for his sideboard.

Antoine 1-0 Raul.

Game 2

Antoine Ruel and his mighty elves...
Things didn't start well for Raul Perez, who was forced to take a mulligan. He played a first turn Festering Goblin but couldn't follow up on that. Antoine Ruel was alone in his little world pumping out elves like a maniac. In two turns, he had Birchlore Rangers, Elvish Vanguard and Stonewood Invoker.

Naturally this forced Raul to think long and hard about his third turn play. He settled for a morph. The Goblin took out the Invoker in the Red Zone and Ruel played his Caller. Still Perez was unfazed by all of this. He played a morphed Aphetto Exterminator, used it to get a 2-for-1 in the Red Zone, and smoked the Rangers with Crown of Suspicion.

With things balancing out they both started playing face-down creatures, trying to outclever each other. The morphs clashed in the Red Zone with Raul dropping to twelve and Antoine Ruel played Snarling Undorak. At this point Rual Perez's deck failed him, yielding nothing but lands and Wretched Anurid to hlp out his lone Vile Deacon. Certainly not enough to stop the Undorak and three morphs.

Final Result: Antoine 2-0 Raul.

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