Round 11: Amiel Tenenbaum vs. Antonio Fernandez

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Game 1

Amiel's Graveborn Muse almost saved him on the first game.
Fernandez's first creature was Wretched Anurid, which he followed with the - you guess it - third turn morph. Amiel played Sheperd of Rot and - you guess it again - turn three morph. The Spanish used the Red Zone with glee bringing Tenenbaum to twelve before playing Snarling Undorak.

The French thought for a moment before playing a second morph and Shocking his opponents' morph (Patron of the Wild). The two morphs gangblocked the Anurid as Amiel slipped to nine. To find more fuel the French risked Graveborn Muse. He was at nine and had two Zombies in play (Muse and Rot).

The Undorak pounded on and Antonio played anoter morph as a backup plan. The unforgiving Muse dropped Amiel to four, attacked and Tenenbaum played Frenetic Raptor. The Rot chumped the Undorak on the next swing but Antonio flipped his unblocked morph: Patron of the Wild.

That left Amiel at one with Muse on the table. It was time to shuffle for the second game.

Antonio 1 - 0 Amiel.

Game 2

Fernandez's hand left him locked at two lands, even after he cycled a Swat. He played two Patrons of the Wild in a vain attempt to slow things down but Amiel was in mood for mercy. The French pounded on bringing his opponent to seven before Antonio drew his third land.

Antonio Fernandez knows all about Green-Black beats.
It was too little, too late. A few seconds later they were shuffling up for the third game.

Antonio 1 - 1 Amiel.

Game 3

This time Fernandez's lands did not fail him. He played turn two Elvish Warrior, turn three Wretched Anurid, turn four Wirewood Channeler. Meanwhile Amiel played a mere two morphs. He tried to trade them for a creature but Antonio had Wirewood Pride.

His life quickly bleeding away Amiel Tenenbaum played Cabal Archon and traded it for Wirewood Channeler, but Antonio Fernandez morph turned out to be an huge green monster that left the French at a mere one life. Amiel drew his final card, praying for a miracle but nothing useful came.

Final Result: Antonio 2 - 1 Amiel.

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