Round 13: Nicolai Herzog vs. Anton Jonsson

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This match has a special twist. Although we're two rounds away from the end of the day and both players need two wins, the winner will effectively make the Top 8. Why, you ask? Simple. The winner is assured to play against Dirk Baberowski who already said he will not play because he has to leave.

Game 1

Double Wellwisher can slow any game down.
Both: "It's a keeper!"

Nicolai started with Wirewood Herald and a morph. Anton played his own morph and tried to trade and they got very tricky. First Herzog revealead his morph: Snarling Undorak. Then Jonsson revealed his: Gravel Slingler. He shot the Undorak but the Norwegian had Wirewood Pride.

Anton stepped on the throttle with Elven Riders and Aven Brigadier probably worried about the elf Nicolai fetch with his Herald: Wellwisher. The Undorak pressed on and Herzog further clogged things up with a second morph... and worst of all... a second Wellwisher. A Pacifism stopped Snarling Undorak and Jonsson played another flyer: Aven Redeemer.

Still Nicolai Herzog had Elvish Warrior to pump his Wellwishers and two Sootfeather Flocks to somewhat fight in the skies. The Flocks brought down the Brigadier has the Swede pressed in almost desperation. He played Krosan Tusker but Herzog calmly untapped and dropped another bomb: Centaur Glade.

A monstrous Krosan Tusker - Symbiotic Beast - Elven Riders attack brought Herzog to a mere... nineteen. Creatures piled on Herzog's side on the table as Anton Jonsson pushed all his creatures into the Red Zone every single turn.

Nicolai: "Very agressive?"
Anton: "Very agressive. I'm not winning this game anyway."

The Norwegian unmorphed a Hystrodon and started drawing extra cards. Again Anton Jonsson pushed everyone. Five creatures totalling eighteen points of damage. A huge token (with the help of Wirewood Pride) took out Krosan Tusker and Herzog set himself up for the alpha strike.

Anton Jonsson gets ready to send the troops in.
After a few minutes of deep thought Herzog sent four creatures in. A Soulgazer jumped in the way of Hystrodon and Jonsson went down to three. A draw phase later Jonsson shook his head and scooped.

Game 2

Herzog started with Taunting Elf, Nantuko Husk and Elvish Warrior while Jonsson played Timberwatch Elf, Cloudreach Cavalry and Gustcloak Harrier. As the creatures piled up Herzog used his Taunting Elf to power a big strike in, dropping Anton to ten. But Anton Jonsson had started down the Red Zone road before, sending his flyers in a few turns earlier. The constant flying attacks brought Herzog to a mere two life.

Still, Nicolai Herzog had a final chance. He sent his whole crew in, revealed his morph to be Hystrodon, setting up for the kill... but Jonsson had a plan. He cast Renewed Faith gaining enough life to survive the strike and swing back for the win.

Nicolai 1-1 Anton.

Anton: "Yes! Come on deck, just one more time!"

Game 3

The decisive game didn't start well for Herzog. He had to take a mulligan. Still his six-card hand provided Taunting Elf and Wirewood Herald. Anton couldn't capitalize on the mulligan because his draw wasn't fast either. They both sat back and played creatures for a while.

Herzog dropped Wellwisher, lapsing Jonsson into deep thought. The Swede finally shook his head and played another creature. On the following turn - and after smiling at the play he was about to do - he dropped Pacifismon the Herald and sent two creatures in. As if the Wellwisher wasn't enough the Norwegian found his Glade.

Things looked grim for Anton Jonsson but he found his sixth land. Six mana equals Aven Brigadier. Suddenly his creature were huge. Nicolai tapped out for a good blocker: Enormous Baloth. The second swing dropped him to eight. His Wellwisher couldn't keep up with Jonsson's massive army.

Despite Herzog's growing army of blockers, now with a morph and a Centaur token, the Swede sent his whole crew in. He had to press hard before the Glade could spawn enough tokens to clog up the ground. The Wellwisher kept Nicolai at two. But he still had no way to stop the Brigadier and Cloudreach Cavalry on the next turn. He drew his card and recheck the table. There was no way out.

Final Result: Anton 2-1 Nicolai.

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