Round 14: Raul Mestre vs. Antoine Ruel

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Mestre and Ruel: a battle for Top 8.
After two full days of Magic this is what it comes down to: one final round. Winner goes to the Top 8, loser gets his money and moves on to the side events. Raul Mestre was already denied a Grand Prix Top 8 (Valencia) by a Ruel brother (Olivier).

Game 1

Raul thought long and hard before keeping a very risky one-land hand (One Swamp, Weathered Wayfarer and Swat, going second against Blue-White). His deck didn't help at all. Silently Antoine Ruel pounced on the opportunity, basically the same as taking three Time Walks. Finally Mestre found a second land, but he was at thirteen facing three creatures.

He thought a few moments about it, shoke is head and scooped the too lands.

Raul: "My fault. I shouldn't have kept that hand."

Antoine 1-0 Raul.

Game 2

Things weren't any better on the second game. Mestre had to take a mulligan. His second hard had some fire to it. He started with Wretched Anurid and laughed when Ruel dropped Disciple of Grace. Things surey weren't going his way in this match. As the French accumulated creatures Raul Mestre tried to find a way out of this mess.

A Redeemer made attacking a bad idea, while Antoine's flyers went to work through the air. Unmorphing Skithinner solve the Redeemer problem. Antoine just show him a bigger one: Jareth. Mester's jaw dropped. He looked at the table, recheck his dwiddling life total and extended his hand with a smile.

Final Result: Antoine 2-0 Raul.

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