Round 3: Jaime Fernandez vs. Diego Ostrovich

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An All-Spanish-speaking Feature Match.
Even eithout his great results alone, Diego Ostrovich would deserve a Feature Match for his travel. Coming from Argentina to Spain for a Grand Prix shows a tremendous interest - if not love - for the game.

Game 1

Jaime started things with a second turn Riptide Mangler followed by Cephalid Pathmage and Keeneye Aven while Ostrovich cycler Barkhide Mauler before playing Goblin Turncoat and.

The Spanish kept swinging with his flyer and his unblockable Cephalid while Diego took the time to set up his flyng armada (Aven Redeemer and Aven Soulgazer). Unfazed by the growing group of potential blocker Fernandez send his three Blue creatures into the Red Zone.

Ostrovich played around with blocking assignments before gangblocking Keeneye Aven. Perhaps nervous with his Feature Match debut Fernandez lost his timing and failed to deal extra damage with the Mangler and the pump effect on the Canopy Crawler.

Still he didn't let that bring him down: he dropped Lightning Rift and Enormous Baloth. But Ostrovich had seized the tempo: in two turns he had reoved the Rift and piled seven creatures. Several math equations later he fiured he could sent his Soulgazer in.

Sideboarding is an art, even in Sealed.
Fernandez sent three creatures in. The Mangler squared of against two Goblin Turncoats while Daru Sanctificer stepped in front of the huge Baloth. A few damage prevention steps and a Shock later Ostrovich lost his Redeemer and Fernandez lost the Mangler.

The table belonged to the South American and nothing short of a table sweeper could save Jaime Fernandez. Still he pumped his unblockable Cephalid one more time before drawing his last card, redoing the unforgiving math and conceding the first game.

Diego 1-0 Jaime.

Game 2

The Argentinean had to take a mulligan but was still the first to play a creature: Goblin Turncoat. Fernandez answered with Leery Fogbeast and Ostrovich played Wretched Anurid. On the second swing the Spanish could not resist and traded Fogbeast for Anurid.

It appeared the South American had a clear path has he played two Vile Deacons but Jaime Fernandez had a very impressive blocker: Silklash Spider. Still, Ostrovich tested the waters with the first Deacon. The Spanish called the bluff and they both smiled when Diego retired his creature from the Red Zone without any extra tricks.

Fernandez played a morph, Imagecrafter and Riptide Mangler to settle things down but the Deacon team still got a swing in to put Jaime at twelve. With the ground locked the Spanish played an attacker: Cephalid Pathmage. This time Diego Ostrovich could only stare at it.

The Spider that stopped the Demon... until the Crown showed up.
Slowly but steadly Jaime Fernandez attacked with the Pathmage and dropped creatures. Finally Ostrovich drew his seventh land and dropped a bomb: Havoc Demon. Still at seventeen despite the Cephalid insistent nibbles Diego sent the Demon in.

After a few seconds of deep thought Fernandez blocked it with the Spider. Again Diego's apparent bluff had been called and again he declined to add anything to the combt damage. A Shock took out one of the Deacons and the Demon got bigger. A Crown of Suspicion made it big enough to get past the Spider.

Down to five Fernandez tried one last gambit: Chocking Tethers. Ostrovich tried to stop it with Akroma's Blessing but Jaime's morph was a Voidmage Apprentice. That attack dropped Ostrovich to eight and on the next turn Fernandez was forced to chump to stay at three.

Jaime Fernandez untapped, drew his card, did the math and found out he was one point short of being able to take out Diego Ostrovich. With a smile he went through the motions, pumped his Mangler and dropped the Argentinean to one before shaking his hand.

Final Result: Diego 2-0 Jaime.

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