Round 4: Iwan Tan vs. Nicolai Herzog

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Nicolai Herzog is always a happy camper!

Game 1

Iwan came out way ahead with Wirewood Herald and a morph before Herzog played his first creature. That creature was Flamewave Invoker. The Norwegian tried to trade it for the morph but the face-down creature turned out to be Patron of the Wild.

Nicolai: "You never know if you should block in these situations."

Airdrop Condor joined the German side and the Herald jumped in front of the morph, fetching Wirewood Savage. That elf entered play as well, followed by Needleshot Gourma and Barkhide Mauler. Herzog, was not about to be outdone. He flipped his morph revealing a Skirk Marauder to kill the Savage in response to the first Beast and played his own huge beast: an apptly named Enormous Baloth.

Iwan Tan is all business.
That he sent into the Red Zone along with a Skirk Outrider. The Outrider traded with the Mauler but Nicolai Herzog was far from being out of steam: in came a Krosan Tusker. Falling behind in the damage race, Iwan Tan sent in his flyer and played Taunting Elf, not for his usual use but for the far uglier purpose of chumping.

Still it was to no avail, as Herzog used Vitality Charm to trample over to take the first game.

Iwan: "I hate Taunting Elf. I hate playing it."

Nicolai 1-0 Iwan.

Game 2

They started Game 2 on a much smaller creature race: Goblins. A Sledder and a Taskmaster traded on the third turn before Iwan Tan switched to elves with a Timberwatch Elf. Then they both played morphs and when Herzog attacked with his it was Tan's turn to ponder for a several seconds. Eventually he decided not to block and the morph stayed hidden, soon to be joined by another one as Herzog played the trickster. Iwan played Krosan Vorine.

Nicolai: "That's pretty dangerous!"

Are you looking at me?!
Despite the comment the German refused to block either of the morphs. The German sent his two creatures in and provoked the first morph. The elf tapped to protect the Vorine and the Norwegian revealed a Marauder, targeting the Elf. But Tan had a backup plan and revealed his own morph as a Patron to save the Elf.

If you thought that was a pretty good play wait until you see the next. Herzog sent his remaining morph in revealing Skirk Comando to terminate the annoying Elf.

Nicolai: "That Vorine is so retarded!"
Iwan: "Yes, it is!"

Herzog played Flamewave Invoker and then they both dropped Barkhide Maulers. The ground was clogging up, with Herzog two mana away from activating his Invoker. Iwan played Enormous Baloth and finally traded his Vorine for a freshly casted Brontoterium. The forest of blockers in his way was clearing up... until Herzog drew his own Enormous Baloth.

The German found a curious source of damage in the Herald the Norwegian refused to block before playing the last card in his hand: Symbiotic Beast. Herzog answered with a morph and his own Wireood Herald.

Nicolai: "It seems our decks are quite similar."

Yes, the game is about to end.
Each turn was now considerably more complicated with a large amount of math to work out. Iwan played his Wirewood Savage, hoping for more Beasts and Herzog took to the skies with Airdrop Condor. Herzog groaned when he saw the next creature. It was quite small yet bot defied his Invoker plan and promised to drag the game: Wellwisher. Herzog killed it in a split second.

The Condor came in and Iwan Tan begged his deck for something to solve the game. Apparently nothing came. The German studied the board, found it quite bad and sent his whole army in. Nicolai smiled, picked his blocks and accepted Tan's extended hand.

Final Result: Nicolai 2-0 Iwan.

Nicolai: "I have two spells: Vitality Charm and Slate of Ancestry."
Iwan: "I have NO spells. All creatures."
Nicolai: "I'm not sure I like all-creature sets. Things are too simple."

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