Round 9: Kai Budde vs. David Brucker

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European Champion and Pro Tour Player of the Year.
What a nice way to start the day. The European Champion against the Pro Tour Player of the Year. Last year at Euros, Kai was the guy everyone kept asking if this David Brucker playing in the Top 8 was any good and he had no doubts in explaining that Brucker's good result wasn't a fluke.

Sadly I won't be able to give you any quotes since my German is far from perfect. I have to work on it because it seems obvious there will be a lot of All-German matches in the future.

Game 1

David kicked his Red-Blue into gear with Mistform Stalker and a morph before Kai's Black-White dek yielded the obvious turn three morph. Two turns later a morphed Daru Lancer traded with a morph Voidmage Apprentice.

Budde played Aven Redeemer and two Doubtless Ones while Brucker piled up his morphs. Eventually David reached seven mana and Kai decided to gangblock the incoming morph. His guess was right: Skittish Valesk.

A Vile Deacon gave Kai Budde a good attacker, especially with the Clerics piling up. Across the table the European Champion revealed a Battering Craghorn and dropped Flamewave Invoker (with seven lands in play).

Again and Again Budde pushed the huge Vile Deacon (6/6 at this point) into the Red Zone forcing his compatriot to find a solution fast. With two Aven Redeemers and a Dive Bomber backing the Deacon gangblocking would be quite hard.

Brucker tried to get the Deacon with Crested Craghorn but Kai had the Dive Bomber to tak it out before his star attacker was forced to block. Things were quickly going downhill for David Brucker and when the Deacon (6/6) took a Doubtless One (5/5) into the Red Zone Brucker smiled and scooped.

Game 2

While I was up taking pictures David Brucker took quick advantage of Kai's bad hand (he kept a one-land hand going second and discarded on his second turn) to pound away with a true legion of morphs.

Kai's Clerics give him nothing but joy.
David: "I need some Sideboard coverage here. I'm winning!"

Indeed the was. By the time Budde stabilized with Nantuko Husk, Dive Bomber and Aven Redeemer he was at a mere seven facing five creatures (including Flamewave Invoker). Doubtless One and Battlefield medic made an appearance and with ground safely locked Kai started attacking with his Doubtless One.

Imagecrafter kept the Doubtless slightly smaller while Brucker searched for land. Slowly the Spirit Link on the white Cleric Avatar brought Kai's life total out of the depths to fifteen. Finally Brucker started chumping the attacks and Kai tapped two Soldiers to shoot down Mistform Wall.

That set up Davi Brucker for a Choking Tethers. With all of Kai's creatures out of the way he sent his whole crew in. Seven creatures totally fourteen damage. Kai tried to Inspirit a blocker but Brucker had Shock to stop that plan. The attack left Kai Budde at one and Brucker revealed a Solar Blast.

Kai 1-1 David.

Game 3

Brucker's second game was too fast for mere words.
Kai come out smoking with White Knight and a morph. Brucker solved the reprint with Shock but Kai had Glory Seeker and Battlefield Medic to refill his ranks. Keeping up with creature removal theme Brucker played Death Watch.

His next cretures took out the Glory Seeker but Kai played a Nantuko Husk to clear the way bringing the European Champion to a very lowly six. A cycled Chocking Tethers and Solar Blast kept saved the German on the next turn, leaving him at one.

With his back against the wall Brucker played two creatures to reduce Kai to tone single creature. But Kai had another two creatures in his hand to clear the way for his Battlefield Medic. Although small it was more than enough.

Final Result: Kai 2-1 David.

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