Quarterfinals: Adriano Rohner vs. Antoine Ruel

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The crowd is obviously on Rhoner's side.
This quarterfinal is an face-off between GP veteran and two-time winner Antoine Ruel and the unknown of the top 8, Adriano Rohner, a Swiss citizen living in Spain. His brother Omar, who has played in a few PTs, taught him how to play six months ago and now here he his, in the Top 8 and on top of the amateur standings for his first big tournament

Game 1

Game 1 was quite fast between Rohner's BG and Antoine's aggressive mon black deck.

The whole game was a race, as they each played creatures every turn and didn't deem any blocks neccesary before turn 6. Adriano played Severed Legion and Screeching Buzzard on turn three and four. The zombie was Smothered and the Bird was left alone against Antoine's Shepherd of Rot, Withered Wretch, and Spectral Sliver. The Swiss tried to recover with his second Birchlore Ranger and even to race, planning to conclude with Dirge of Dread (despite the fact that the card might not be very good against mon black). But Antoine developed faster and always had a solution to his opponent's threats. He first played a 3/3 to kill the Birchlore, then on the following turn he pumps his sliver attack and played infest. Facing two monsters with no creature, Adriano conceded.

Game 2

Rohner, playing first, kept a one-land hand, a mistake that would cost him the game. Birchlore's beating is not as impressive as a 4/4 Embalmed Brawler and Screeching Buzzard's. He tried once again to stabilize but by the time he got his third land, it was already too late as Antoine finished him with Dirge of Dread.

The tournament is done for Adriano Rohner but if he does as well in the future as he did this weekend, it's a good bet we'll see him again.

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