Semifinals: Eivind Nitter vs. Anton Jonsson

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Game 1

Sweden against Norway.
Nitter started things with second turn Goblin Drill Sergeant and a morph while Jonsson played Cloudreach Cavalry. A Gustcloak Harrier helped Anton power up his Cavalry and they started trading blows like madman.

Ruling the sky, the Swede set about clogging up the ground playing morph and Deftblade Elite. Nitter kept attacking and played Globin Machinist but his comment during the Jonsson's next attack said it all...

Eivind: "I have no options."

Finally he found one: Canopy Crawler.

Anton: "That sounds like a plan."

But first the flyers had one last chance to pound Nitter, leaving him at miserably low two life. Nitter drew his card, saw he had no way out and activated his Machinist.

Eivind: "Not enough."

Anton 1-0 Eivind.

Game 2

Eivind Nitter squirmed in his seat while considering his hand. It was obvious he didn't like it.

Anton: "Nitter, the poker face."

Jonsson came out promissing pain: Shared Triumph naming Soldiers. He followed that up with Gustcloak Harrier. Meanwhile Nitter was out of his mana slump and not even Anton's sideboarded Lay Waste could slow him down. He played Sparksmith to join Taunting Elf, Wirewood Elf and a morph.

The Swede's Harrier was working at full speed. He played a Battlefield Medic that the Sparksmith promptly shot down. Eivind Nitter poured creature after creature each bigger than the previous. Canopy Crawler showed up to work on the flyers.

Anton Jonsson played a Grassland Crusader and Nitter spent several minutes rearranging his permanents. Or thinking. Something like that. Finally he decided it was high time his Taunting pulled a kamikaze stunt. Down went Jonsson to nine, while the Norwegian was at ten.

The Harrier attacked again leaving Nitter at seven and Jonsson played two extra creatures. Facing two huge flyers at seven life there was little Nitter could do. Again Anton had been too fast for his deck.

Final Result: Anton 2-0 Eivind.

Anton Jonsson advances to the final against the winner of the Antoine Ruel-Carlos Romão match.

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