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Put away the sealed decks and put break out the booster packs. Tomorrow is time for the Rochester Draft portion of Grand Prix Shizuoka as the field has been winnowed from 650+ players down to less than a tenth of its original size. Only seventeen players with 6-2 records made the cut. In the last round crowd favorites Tsuyoshi Fujita, Jin Okomoto, and Itaru Ishida were fighting for their Day Two lives. Jin lost outright, continuing a trend of doing well everywhere else in the world but Japan while the other two won their matches. Fujita found himself leading the 6-2 pack but for Ishida a dramatic come from behind victory was for naught. He found himself in the heart-breaking position of 65th, edged out by Shuu Komuro.

In other news, Eli Kaplan will not be doing Rochester Draft coverage in the morning. He was the only American player out of slightly more then a dozen in the tournament to make the cut. His double Spikeshot Goblin deck helped him to eke out a 62nd place finish with only one bye at his disposal. Enough with the bottom of the bracket let's check out the view from the top.

Four players emerged from Day One with undefeated records. Shuuzou Iwano stood atop the Day One standings thanks to three byes. Satoshi Harada had only one bye and likely a terrifying deck. Kei Ikeda and Kasuki Katou rounded out the undefeated club with two byes apiece. Other than Eli Kaplan the only other non-Japanese player to advance was Royce Chai of Singapore sitting in eighth place with only one loss.

Kouichirou Mike, the Editor-in-Chief of the Japanese Sideboard, was sitting pretty in seventh place leading a charge by the Japanese old guard. By and large though not many name players were bobbing near the top of the standings. Osamu Fujita stands out in 32nd place and both Ken'ichi and Tsuyoshi Fujita topped the x-2 horde in 48th and 49th place. With so many less experienced players it will be interesting to watch this challenging Rochester Draft format play out tomorrow.

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