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A recipe for an intersting day of Rochester Draft...

Take a field of better than 650 players and shake things up until the field reduces to 64. Some of your finer ingredients may be lost in this process. Some of the biggest names in Japanese Magic were sleeping in this morning while a relatively inexperienced field readied themselves to draft.

Masashi Oiso, Jin Okamoto, Masahiko Morita, and Tomohiro Yokosuka were all notable for their absence today. In their place sat a mix of relatively unknown players and a cadre of Japan's old guard.

Satoshi Nakamura, Kouichirou Maki, Masayuki Higashino, and Masami Ibamoto were all playing Magic yesterday like it was 1999--or even earlier in the case of Maki. That is not to say that none of the favorites were still in the running. Is it any surprise that Tsuyoshi Fujita, Osamu Fujita and Katsuhiro Mori are all still alive and kicking? The 64 person field on has two non-Japanese players. Singapore's Royce Chai will be drafting toady at Table 1 while American Eli Kaplan will be across the room at Table 8.

Will the handful of high-level tournament-savvy players run roughshod over the rest of the field or will the inexperience upset the waters of the Rochester Draft? Rochester Draft in Mirrodin is challenging to begin with due to the difficulties in declaring colors in an artifact set. What happens when most of the players are playing on Day Two for the first time in their careers?

Stay tuned and see how this dish turns out...

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