Round 14 Feature Match: Tetsuya Kitano vs. Satoshi Harada

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Not only were these players competing for a shot at the Top 8 they were also vying for the top spot in the Amateur standings--a potential winnings differential of $500.

Game One

Kitano was playing blue-green splashing red for a handful of creatures including Spikeshot Goblin.

Kitano played a Talisman to kick off the first action of the game. Harada could not decide whether or not he was going to Deconstruct the artifact and play an Elf Replica or just do the latter. He decided to do both and Kitano had not turn three play save land. He took two from the Elf and had nothing for turn four either. Harada played a Pewter Golem.

Kitano played a Quicksliver Elemental--he had five Islands in play. Harada sent both of his men into combat and Kitano considered the 2/2 Elf Replica. He decided to take six and Harada played a Myr Enforcer post battle. Kitano's sixth land was a Forest. Harada read and reread the Elemental while Kitano played a Scimitar and equipped the 3/4 creature. It was not matter since Harada was sitting back on Terror. When Harada attacked, Kitano nodded and they were on to game two.

Tetsuya Kitano - 0 Satoshi Harada - 1

Game Two

Kitano played a turn two Neurok Familiar that yielded him a Gold Myr. Tel Jilad Chosen came to play for Harada but his opponent was out of land. he played the Myr and passed the turn. Harada could have Deconstructed the Myr but had no follow-up and chose not to burn. he merely attacked for two. Kitano had a third land and played a Vulshok Berserker and got in for four points of damage.

Without a turn four play, Harada elected to have the Chosen stay back and watch the gate. Kitano sent only his flier over for a point of damage and then played a Spikeshot Goblin and Steel Wall. Harada used the Deconstruct--Kitano offered the Wall--on the Myr and played a Tel-Jilad Archers. The Spikeshot took out the Chosen and Kitano played an AEther Spellbomb that he used on the Goblin War Wagon Harada played.

He attacked with his Beserker and Harada was not willing to put his Archers in the way with an active Spikeshot. He untapped and made a 5/5 Wurmskin Forger. Kitano was still shy on lands and played a Liar's Pendulum--always fun to cover in a foreign language. He activated the Pendulum and named Deconstruct. The judge had to come over and explain how the card worked. Finally, he said he did not believe it was there and Kitano showed him it along with Shrapnel Blast, Mirror Golem, and Leadfoot Golem to draw a card.

Harada played a Battlegear and put it on his Forger to make an 8/8 which was chump blocked by a Neurok Spy. When Kitano sent in his Berserker this time, Harada was ready to trade and they did so. Kitano was till stuck on four lands and activated the Pendulum naming Island. Harada guessed none and Kitano chose to not reveal his hand--he did not play a land either.

the Forger got in for eight damage and Harada played a War Wagon. During Kitano's upkeep he used a Blinkmoth Well to port a Seat of the Synod. He activated his Pendulum in response and pulled out a list of cards in his deck to consult. The judge stopped him and said he could not consult outside notes and he appealed to the head judge. The head judge overruled the table judge and allowed it.

After consulting his notes and making a dramatic show of what to name Kitano named Viridian Shaman. Harada wasn't buying it but there it was and Kitano drew a card. He drew an Island and a Domineer and took the War Wagon. Harada swung with his monster and Kitano threw the wall in the way. Harada played a Frogmite and said go, holding a Detonate. The Frogmite blocked and Kitano made a Mirror Golem imprinting the affinity fixture. Harada detonated the Golem for six but did not attack, which would have forced the Goblin to chump block because he knew Kitano was holding Shrapnel Blast (from the Pendulum) and he could kill him with the War Wagon (he was at eight).

Kitano untapped and played a Quicksilver Elemental. Harada drew a Predator's Strike and ended the game--likely putting himself in the Top 8 and the top of the Amateur standings.

Tetsuya Kitano - 0 Satoshi Harada - 2

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