Quarterfinals: Ken'ichi Fujita vs. Tomohide Sasagawa

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Ken'ichi was playing three copies of Viridian Longbow to foil the triples in Sasagawa's deck--three each of Neurok Spy and Somber Hoverguard. He was hoping to get his Longbows active and lock out Sasagawa from getting his evasive two-toughness creatures on the board. Playing first was going to be a key to this match-up and Sasagawa was crushed to lose the Roshambo.

Game One

Sasagawa had played a Longbow on turn one but his turn two Tel-Jilad Chosen could not pick it up, It was able to charge past his third turn Yotian Soldier though. Sasagawa played a Neurok Spy which earned a quick Bolt when Fujita untapped.

Sasagawa missed his land drop and played a second Chosen. Fujita threatened to keep them at bay with a Quicksilver Elemental. Sasagawa was still missing land but he played Slagwurm Armor, a piece of Chriss-Goria, and was able to make a Somber Hoverguard for just two mana--thanks to a Seat of the Synod.

Fujita played his own Neurok Spy. Sasagawa flew across the red zone for three and then armored up his flier--still no land. Fujita attacked for two and played a Goblin War Wagon and another Yotian Soldier--tapping out. Sasagawa found his fourth land and played Crystal Shard and returned the Elemental. He attacked with everyone--the Chosen ran circles around two Yotians and a War Wagon.

Fujita attacked with everyone on the next turn and replayed the Elemental with the mana to play around the Shard. Sasagawa had a Regress and they were on to game two.

Ken'ichi Fujita - 0 Tomohide Sasagawa - 1

Game Two

Fujita kept his opening hand with lands, Iron Myr, and MegAtog. His turn two Iron Myr was Anulled. Sasagawa had a Silver Myr of his own but Fujita was out of lands. He played a Krark-Clan Shaman and glumly passed the turn. Sasagawa had a Frogmite. Still missing land, Fujita played a Vulshok Gauntlets.

Sasagawa had a turn four Hoverguard. Fujita found his third land and played a Wizard Replica. Sasagawa flew in for three and made another 3/2 flier. A fourth land arrived for Fujita but he had to equip his flier and pass the turn. Sasagawa cast Deconstruct on the Replica and Fujita used its ability. Sasagawa wanted to cast something but since the Deconstruct was countered he did not get the mana.

Sasagawa played a Viridian Joiner instead and attacked with everyone. Fujita looked at his next card and announced he could not win. Sasagawa could hardly believe he had dispatched a legend and waited make sure it was not a joke. When he was assured that he had won he let out a relieved and somehow triumphant sigh.

Ken'ichi Fujita - 0 Tomohide Sasagawa - 2

The possibility of a 20th Century Boys finals was wiped out to the disappointment of the crowd. If the old school was going to win today it was on Maki's shoulders. He seemed to have game one of his match well in hand with a Soul Foundry spitting out Neurok Spies...

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