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What do you think is the strongest color combination in Mirrodin Limited?

Masashi Oiso: "I personally think Affinity is really strong, so I like to use blue, although lately blue is getting more and more popular, making it hard to get. Lately, I've been trying out W-G." Jin Okamoto: "I like blue. I like drawing cards." Masahiko Morita: "I think blue, red, and green are the strongest colors in the set, so any combination of those is good."

Which Mirrodin card do you think is having the biggest impact on the Standard environment?

Itaru Ishida: "Thirst for Knowledge." Akira Asahara: "Mindslaver." Tomohiro Yokosuka: "I think the Affinity mechanic will probably have a big impact on Standard, more than any one card. I can't think of anything in particular that I want to try to break."

Do you think it's possible to send clear signals in Mirrodin draft, when half the set is colorless?

Kazuya Hirabayashi: "Definitely. If you don't do so early on, you're going to end up in trouble." Ken'ichi Fujita: "Of course. Go away." Katsuhiro Mori: "More or less. But I think it's hard to cooperate. Especially with people like you hate drafting all the time! [directed at Shuu Komuro, who was sitting next to Mori]."

What do you think the best common in Mirrodin Limited is?

Masami Ibamoto: "Spikeshot Goblin." Tsuyoshi Fujita: "Bonesplitter." Kouichirou Maki: "Good question…I guess I'll say Bonesplitter."

What card do you most want to open in Mirrodin draft?

Kouhei Yamadaya: "Bonesplitter." Shuu Komuro: "Loxodon Warhammer." Royce Chai: "Loxodon Warhammer."
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