Draft 2: Rob Nadebaum

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After a disappointing showing at GP Venice, Nadebaum has pulled into Singapore to try and get a little bit of money to take home with him. He's not too concerned with it though, stating that the whole time was basically meant to be a holiday anyways, hanging out with his buddies from Team Punisher and that he'd had a hell of a time touring Italy, especially Rome.

Opening his first pack revealed choices between Aven Fateshaper, Barkhide Mauler and a Swat. "I probably should have taken the Swat, in hindsight it was probably the right pick at the moment but there ended up being no black anyway", replied Nadebaum when asked about his first pick. He took the Fateshaper, and picked up a Gustcloak Savior in his next pack. When his third pick was a Aven Soulgazer it looked as though he was going to be a white drafter at this table, which is not normally a terrible thing in a format where people tend to shy away from it. Pinpoint Avalanche stared Nadebaum in the face when he scooped up his cards for his third pick, with a Krosan Tusker and a Daru Healer in the pack he thought for about a second and hoped that this was a sign red was coming his way, placing it face down with the rest. Unfortunately for Nadebaum it wasn't a signal as the player to his right had been drafting heavy red right from the start, and it would sit unused in his sideboard.

He kept up his white theme taking down a Shieldmage Elite, a Renewed Faith, and a Crown of Awe. There was no blue coming for him and when a Towering Baloth was sitting all alone in an otherwise unimpressive pack he scooped it up, probably not realizing at the time that green was going to be his second color. The next pack yielded him a Wirewood Herald and a 10th pick Tribal Unity started tipping the scales away from the first picked Fateshaper but it would all come down to what he saw in the second pack.

With the contents of the second pack revealed Nadebaum began to slowly paw through, looking for a sign of what he should do. Primal Boost and Ascending Aven were the two main cards in contention in the pack and Nadebaum decided that boost was the right one for him, aiming towards a W/G deck that is not always the preferred choice of most drafters due to a lack of creature removal.

A second pick Undorak was backed up with a third and fourth pick Pacifism and it looked as though things just might be turning around for Nadebaum. He grabbed a Daunting Defender as his sixth pick and a Harsh Mercy looked like it could show some potential if he could keep his deck tribal. A seventh pick Soulgazer brought a smile to Nadebaum's Dial as did a late cycling land.

Going into the last pack Nadebaum was looking okay, but he could really do with some early drops. Canopy Crawler proved an interesting first pick, as he was already light on beasts, but there was really nothing else in the pack that was worth looking at. A second pick Caller of the Claw coupled with a Stonewood Invoker padded out the deck nicely, He grabbed two Wingbeat Warriors and two Patrons of the Wild to give some more nice combat tricks. A Krosan Vorine also gave him some hope of dealing with any pesky creature permanents, along with his Oblation.

Overall Nadebaum believed that it was a weak card pool, at least that's what it looked like from his side of the draft. He had no real shot at red or black and as a result he ended up with a green white deck, that although lacking in fat, has a nice amount of tricks and evasion.

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