Finals: Mikael Polgary vs. Terry Soh

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And so it goes.... After 15 rounds of competition over 2 days it comes down to this final match, with Terry Soh's B/W deck meeting Mikael Polgary's G/R. Terry has already wrapped up the amateur pool for the highest placed (and only Top 8) player without a career pro standing, and must get past Mikael and his amazing Timberwatch Elf deck.

Game 1

Polgary won the randomized means of who goes first (a quick game of find-the-Hundroog), and began by dropping a forest, with Soh dropping a swamp. Niceties out of the way, Polgary put the first business card into play with a Stonewood Invoker which also dealt the first damage of the match due to Terry careless playing a plains ahead of the second swamp needed for his Withered Wretch.

Polgary had third and fourth turn morphs which were able to bring Soh down to 14 in the 5th turn. Sadly for Polgary they had stern competition to deal with after a Pearlspear Courier arrived to spoil their party. Regardless, they pushed ahead unmorphing in front of the courier as a Snarling Undorak. A Piety Charm intended for the Pearlspear was undermined by a Shock, with a Swat burying the other morph (Battering Craghorn). With a third morph of his own, and the first of 4 Timberwatch Elves, Polgary then had to contend with a new goal to reach, as the 10 life the Soh was on became an inaccurate reflection with a Starlight Invoker arriving at the same time as a Cabal Archon.

Slowly, Polgary worked away at Soh's defenses, with a hard cast Krosan Tusker and a second Timberwatch Elf with Soh's regenerators (Crypt Sliver & Goblin Turncoat) arriving too late. On 1 life a Celestial Gatekeeper gave Terry a small glimmer of hope as the wretch and the archon returned to the board. A briefly face-down Skirk Marauder removed the archon, but not before giving him a few extra life, but with 2 active Timberwatch Elves and Krosan Tusker, a morph (Birchlore Ranger) and a Snarling Undorak, 5 life was never going to be enough. This was however the first match of this draft that Polgary had dropped as low as 8.

Polgary 1, Soh 0.

Game 2

A second turn Wirewood elf meant that Polgary could drop his first Undorak face up on turn 3, much to the chagrin of a colour screwed Soh. With Soh's first 5 land being Plains his early creature base was made entirely of 2/2 colorless creatures with out creature type. A 4th turn Stonewood Invoker by Polgary left enough mana untapped to Shock the 5th turn Celestial Gatekeeper of Soh, meaning that the only other spell Soh could cast in an all-black hand was a Pearlspear Courier.

A Spiting Gourna with it's 4 toughness supported by an Undorak, never looked like dying as it pushed ahead with Polgary morphed army. Terry was able to successfully block one of the morphs with a now unmorphed Gravel Slinger, but the rest of his defenders merely served as speed bumps for the Gourna and Undorak. On the seventh turn Soh finally found a swamp for his horde of black creatures that had been unable to find their way out of his hand. With a cruel twist of fate the only card that Polgary had sideboarded in was a Lay Waste which picked off the lone swamp, and was followed by a Timberwatch Elf. Taking 7 a turn from the oncoming traffic, and unable to find another swamp, Terry Soh extended his hand to congratulate Mikael Polgary on his victory in the 2003 Singapore Grand Prix

Final Result: Polgary 2, Soh 0

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