Round 10: John Lagges vs. Albertus Law

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At the top of pod 5, these players are playing not only for a 3-0 opening draft, but for an excellent seat in the afternoon pod. Law has drafted a B/W deck with a number of solid fliers, while Lagges has draft G/B/u, with the blue splash for Weaver of Lies and 2 Echo Tracers. After a drawn out shuffling period where players carefully counted their opponent decks, decks were finally presented and the judges informed s of the deck check..... 10 minutes later they were finally to begin.

Game 1

With a protected morph from a Battlefield Medic, Albertus was able to pull 3 cards out of Lagges hand with a Haunted Cadaver, but that wasn't enough to stop Lagges temp0 as he hit his mark with a Wirewood Herald, Timberwatch Elf and Symbiotic Elf. Law couldn't quite match the ferocity, of Lagges, only managing a Nantuko Husk and a Daunting Defender in reply. With Lagges able to push though for at least 5 per turn Law cold merely throw blockers in the way as the loss of the Wirewood Herald only paved the may for a 3/3 unblockable Elven Riders. An Aven Redeemer and a Convalescent Care each bought him a turn but the Lagges victory was assured.

Lagges - 1, Law – 0.

Game 2

Lagges kept a 2-land hand with a Wirewood Elf and a Patron of the Wild as Law chose to play first. The Wirewood came out 2nd turn which was followed by a Gustcloak Harrier by Law, but the failure to play a third land in John's pre combat main meant Albertus chose not to block. Law followed his harrier with consecutive Aven Redeemers and Lagges could do little but watch as 5 turns past without the third land that he needed. On the 6th turn he conceded.

Law – 1, Lagges – 1.

Game 3

With so much on the line neither player wanted to lose due to a lack of land and both players mulliganed to 6 cards. John began with a Festering Goblin, a morph and a 5th turn Prowling Pangolin. Law was ready with the super blocker – Crypt Sliver, a Nantuko Husk and a morph of his own. Lagges tested the waters as he could not justify attacking into a husk and a regenerator so all he could do was send the Festering Goblin which went unblocked in the first few turns, so as not to lose the sliver.

A Gustcloak Harrier took to Law's skies and began pulling back the deficit equaling Lagges on 14 life. With the ground stalled p filled with morphs, Law looked to be in control of the harrier/goblin race – even managing to Skinthinner away the Elven Riders. With Lagges on 6 he stabilized with a Wellwisher, netting him 4 life per turn. Stabilized, and with the help of superior card drawing from a Wirewood Savage, Lagges finally found the stall-breaking Timberwatch Elf and with it a Brontotherium.

Lagges was then allowed to push with the help of an Echo Tracer, as it removed the dangerous Nantuko Husk for a turn and with Law down to a meager 10 (all from the Festering Goblin) he had to block en mass with the threat of the Timberwatch for 4. With his side of the board cleared of all creatures Law could do little but recast the husk and another blocker (Fallen Cleric) on the next turn – but with 4 attackers and a Timberwatch still active (now for 3), there was only maybe 1 more turn to last. Lagges had a Wirewood pride up his sleeve and finished it off as time was called.

Final Result: Lagges – 2, Law – 1.

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