Round 11: Rob Nadebaum vs. Wei San Ng

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Its round eleven and both players are really outside shots for the Top 8. Having left their run so late it's only the winner of the pod, and he alone, who will stand a chance to make it. Even though this is the case the two are still a live match, playing off for places, and of course he who finishes higher makes more money! A dice roll decided that Ng would play first and the two players dealt out their opening hands.

Game 1

Rapidly scooping up his cards from the table Ng was greeted by a horrible grip, and had no choice but to send them back. The next set of cards he drew were much more suitable and the two set about starting the match. Mana screw wasn't going to be a problem for Ng in this game as he played one land of each color on the first three turns, black red and green. At the end of Nadebaum's turn he cycled a Krosan Tusker and played down a Smokespew Invoker as a reply to Nadebaum's turn three morph. Ng was forced to take 2 points of beats from the morph as he refused to block, and Nadebaum played down an invoker of his own, one of the Stonewood variety. Doing nothing on turn 5 was a tribute to a less than optimal mulligan hand packed full of land and Ng sent it back across to Nadebaum, who was more than happy to send his two men in for the throat dealing more damage to Ng who refused to block. You really get punished when you miss creature drops on your first few turns of the game and Nadebaum pressed on dropping a Daunting Defender.

Ng summoned a Wirewood herald and sat back as he prepared to be thumped around the head again. Gustcloak Savior joined the fray, as the other three creatures arrowed their way into the red zone, with Wirewood Herald jumping in front of the Daunting Defender, searching out the always annoying Timberwatch Elf. Ng Summoned a Skirk Outrider and a Timberwatch elf to try and slow the bleeding but Nadebaum was really forcing home his advantage, casting a Pacifism on the Outrider and serving with his whole team.
Invoker jumped in front of the morph and Ng is dropped down to 2 life after being smashed in the face for 8. He views his draw step and then scoops up his cards, shuffling up for game 2.

Nadebaum leads 1-0

Game 2

Ng choose to play first again in game 2 and kicked things off with a turn two Wirewood Elf. He sent it into the red zone on the next turn, rather than use it to accelerate to 4 mana, and cast a morph. Nadebaum dropped a morph of his own and Ng played down a Channeler, missing his 4th land drop, but with mana elves like these who needs land!? Nadebaum dropped a bomb in Krosan Vorine, threatening to put a stop to the mana games on his next attack step.

Like a pro Ng ripped a swamp off the top, sending his morph into the red zone on its own, and making Nadebaum think twice about playing around with his mana base. When Nadebaum declined to block, Ng thought for a long while before allowing him to just take the damage. He then dropped a Wirewood Herald and tapped out to drop down a Glowering Rogon flashing a Krosan Tusker to amplify it.

Nadebaum provoked the morph and flipped over the morph of his own, a Daru Healer to keep the Vorine alive. Ng once again tapped all his mana again, slamming down the Tusker that he had flashed the turn before and set the Rogon and the Herald into the zone dealing 6 damage. Pacifism on the Tusker stopped it dead in its tracks, and during the attack phase Nadebaum provoked the Rogon, flipping over Patron of the Wild to give his Vorine giant growth and then kept it alive with his Healer.

When the Channeler became tapped again Ng dropped another monster, a second Tusker, once again threatening to over run Nadebaum with beef. Provoke once again caused the fatty to block, and a Primal boost on the Vorine knocked the second Tusker out of the game.

All three of Ng's elves entered the red zone, dropping Nadebaum down to a precarious 5 life, and another Wirewood Elf entered play. Vorine provoked the untapped elf, sending it to straight to the graveyard, and Nadebaum brought down a Gustcloak Savior to help cover the ground. Herald attacked on its own in an attempt to get killed, only to find that its' unblocked damage was prevented by the Daru Healer. Nadebaum once again used the Vorine to provoke a creature, this time the Channeler but Ng elected to float mana in his pool, taking 10 from the Savior and the Vorine. When Nadebaum also summoned a Soulgazer his goose was cooked, and they ended the game and the match on the next turn

Final Result: Nadebaum defeats Ng 2-0

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