Round 3: Kelvin Hoon vs. Takeshi Miyasaka

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Before the feature match was set to begin Miyasaka began to busy himself playing his Game Boy Advance, however on advice from a passerby to put it away and play some Magic, he quickly put it into his pocket with a smile and began to shuffle up his deck. Miyasaka won the die roll and elected to force Hoon to play first.

Game 1

Miyasaka started off badly, opening up with a mulligan, but elected to keep his second hand as Hoon got the game underway with a Tranquil Thicket. The two traded the turns playing Mountains and Forests with Hoon casting a third turn Flamewave Invoker which was met by a third turn morph by Miyasaka. Refusing to trade in the attack phase Miyasaka was rewarded by having his morph shocked after combat, revealing a Treespring Lorian, but Hoon had no morph or other creature to press the advantage.

Miyasaka played his third colour, a swamp, and laid out his second morph to which Hoon played out a Goblin Sledder and a Skirk Outrider. Once again Miyasaka refused to trade his morph but had no play on his turn electing to leave his mana open and bluff his morph. Hoon didn't attack into it and furthered his board with a Symbiotic Elf. Miyasaka left mana open again, casting a Wirewood Elf and sent the turn back. Hoon sent in his Symbiotic Elf and the Skirk Outrider, and Miyasaka elected to take 4 to the dome, tapping himself on the chest as he dropped to 12 life. Miyasaka again played no new cards to the board and Hoon tried to force home his advantage slamming down a Sparksmith.

At the end of the turn Miyasaka unmorphed his facedown creature, Skinthinner, slamming the Sparkie into the graveyard. Miyasaka finally played a creature during his turn, dropping a Crested Craghorn and sent it and the Skinthinner into the red zone, provoking the Outrider. Symbiotic Elf jumped infront of the Skinthinner and was saved by Sledder with damage on the stack. It made little difference to Miyasaka who was looking to play a Caller of the Claw and that's exactly what he did. Hoon looked unphased and it was clear why when an enormous 7/7 Stag Beetle entered play. With no real play to make and drawing into a lot of lands Miyasaka cast Aphetto Dredging, naming beasts, getting back his Craghorn and passed the turn.

Hoon finally draws his 6th land showing that he is also playing three colours and sends in the Stag Beetle, which is chumped by one of the Claw lackeys, and plays down a toxin sliver. Craghorn makes its triumphant return to play provoking the stag beetle, and when Miyasaka tries to Erractic Explosion the Beetle, the sledder is saced in response. Miyasaka flips over Timberwatch elf, leaving him one damage short of the kill and screams in agony. With no choice but to smile at his good fortune Hoon sends in the Sliver, Elf and Stag Beetle. Miyasaka blocks desperately to stay alive but when the attack phase is completed and Goblin Dynamo joins the board he is forced to scoop up his cards and move to the next game.

Hoon leads 1-0

Game 2

Once again Miyasaka allowed his opponent to play first but thankfully this time he was not forced to mulligan. Hoon played out a Crypt Sliver on turn 3, which was met by an Erratic Explosion clunking it in the skull. Miyasaka was fortunate as Hoon was only a turn away from getting a rather naughty combo running, when he played a turn 4 Toxin Sliver and a turn 5 Sootfeather Flock. Hiyasaka's lack of a play on turn 4 became clear when he cycled his Krosan Tusker and then played down a Prowling Prangolin on turn 5.

The evasion of the Flock and the ability of the sliver allowed Hoon's team to sweep in, dealing six damage, and he kept piling on the pressure with a Gobblin Sledder and a Wirewood Channeler. Miyasaka steadied the board with a Needleshot Gourna and then played down a Krosan Groundshaker, looking to gain advantage through sheer fat. Both players looked to be entering a stale mate when once again Hoon played down his monster 7/7 stag beetle, however this time Miyasaka had an answer for it, using Cruel Revival to send it spiraling to the graveyard. He was reluctant to send his fat men into the Red Zone protected by the Toxin Sliver as a counter attack could put him on a dangerously low life level.

Miyasaka had no choice but to go on the offensive when a Goblin Dynamo showed his ugly face on the opposite team, sending in his Groundshaker and the Prangolin. Hoon elected to take 6 from the Prangolin and used his Toxin Sliver to kill off the trampling Groundshaker, keeping it alive with his Goblin Sledder. Miyasaka used Aphetto Dredging to get back his beasts and then cast Caller of the Claw. It was of no use as Hoon drew his card, did a quick life tally to make sure he could deal enough damage, and flashed the Dirge of the Dead hed just drawn. Miyasaka could only sigh and extend his hand to the winner.

Final Result: Hoon defeated Miyasaka 2-0

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