Round 7: Nick Wong vs. Leck Koon Yeo

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Going into round 7 these two players were sporting 4-2 records, staring down the barrel of elimination. But there's nothing like the threat of a day 2 ptq to get the juices flowing and the deck pumping. On the bright side at least the two players hail from Singapore so its not like they spent a thousand dollars just to take a back seat on the action tomorrow!

Game 1

Yeo went first in this clutch match but it was Wong who had the first plays playing a Stonewood Invoker on turn 2 and cycling his Undead Gladiator on turn 3. The Krosan Vorine, which entered play on Yeo's turn 4 would prove to be a constant thorn in the side of Wong, and he attempted to deal with it by crashing into the red zone with his Invoker. Wong played out a Barkhide Mauler to keep the Vorine at bay, and Yeo responded with an Invoker of his own and a Gluttonous Zombie.

Even at this early stage Wong looked to be in trouble and started to dump his hand, dropping a morph and his Timberwatch Elf. Yeo pressed his attack dropping a Crown of Suspicion on the Zombie to get through 5 damage, and coupled with the provoke ability of the Vorine he killed off the Elf before it was going to cause any problems. Wong thought for a while and studied the board, wondering just how he was going to deal with this now huge zombie that was eating away at his life total. He passed the turn back and began to brace himself for the attack, only to spring to life as soon as the Zombie entered the red zone. He flipped up Skin Thinner, picking off the Vorine and then pushed it in front of the Zombie. In response Yeo Cruel Revived the Mauler but things looked like they were going to turn around for Wong.

He summoned an Anurid Murkdiver and passed the turn back to Yeo. After cycling a Tranquil Thicket Yeo dropped down a morph and a Berserk Murlodont and when Wong decided to sit the Murkdiver at home on his next turn it traded with the Murlodont. Yeo continued to play creatures dropping down a Totem Speaker and a Fallen Cleric but a Corpse Harvester and a Swat from Wong looked to put the game back on almost level terms. Any thoughts of a comeback were blown right out of the water when Oversold Cemetery hit the table.

Wong was forced to chump block creature after creature but he was fighting a losing battle, no matter what he drew he couldn't possibly keep up with the draw phases of Yeo combined with the ability of Oversold Cemetery to get cards back.

Yeo Leads 1-0

Game 2

The two players shuffled up in complete silence concentrating intently on the match as Wong was about to present his deck he commented that the Vorine really wrecked him in that game and Yeo simply nodded in agreement. Wong's draw had been rather good, but the Vorine on its own tore it apart.

Wong started game 2 with a mulligan and thought long and hard about his opening draw. Unfortunately for him the one land hand he kept failed to yield anymore land and he soon fell to the might of Spined Basher and Krosan Vorine.

Final Result: Yeo defeated Wong 2-0

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