Round 8: Wei Ren Khoo vs. Chau Cheng

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With their first draft decks finally built, Wei Ren Khoo and Chau Cheng prepare for their opening match of the day. Chau is running a R/W build with 4 Daunting Defenders and goblin backup, while Khoo has a heavily-costed beast deck in R/G.

Game 1

Khoo opens with a second turn Gempalm Strider – the only 2-drop in his deck, and Chau replies with the best card in the format, a Sparksmith. Khoo groans as he realizes he has to give up his Threaten to remove it. From here Khoo brought out 2 morphs (Spitting Gourna and Birchlore Rangers) which were able to get through bringing Chau down to 14.he door shut however as Chau played one of his many Daunting Defenders and the latch was locked shut with a second.

A Totem Speaker on Khoo's side of the Table enable him to gain life with his host of beasts that followed but was hesitant to attack as Chau's pesky clerics now dealt 6 damage due to a Gratuitous Violence. A Wingbeat Warrior and an Aven Redeemer attacked for 8 each turn, which could have been dropped to 4 if Khoo's morphed Gourna had blocked the correct attacker, but an error allowed the Gourna's damage to be prevented.

Khoo, who was never going to win the stalled ground war with 2 more daunting defenders on the table (that's right - 4) and was waiting for a Wave of Indifference for the win.

It never came.....

Chau – 1, Khoo – 0.

Sideboarding: Both Players – No changes.

Game 2

Chau led out strongly with Skirk Drill Sergeant and a Whipgrass Entangler, but an unblocked morph which turned out to be a Skirk Commando evened up the Score by taking out a morphed Winged Warrior.

Missing a 4th land drop hurt Chau more than most would imagine as Khoo continued with out skipping a beat, with 2 more morphs and Wirewood Savage, and then a 6th turn Brontotherium. Chau had found a fourth land – enough to give him blockers in the form of a Dive Bomber and an Aven Redeemer but a 5th was not forthcoming, which is a must when you are holding 3 Daunting Defenders.

Khoo – 1, Chau – 1.

Game 3

Mulliganing is always bad, but is really bad when you have such a high number of high-casting-cost creatures in your deck. Khoo kept his second draw which seemed fine, and removed Chau's first threat, a Flamestick Courier with an Erratic Explosion (Wave).

Not the start Wei Ren was after however, with his own first drop being a Leery Fogbeast, he did what he could - quickly outnumbering his opponent placing morph after morph on the table, Chau seemed to have trouble finding creatures with a solitary Daunting Defender hold off the army - in a land of 2/2's, the 3/3 is king. The Gratuitous Violence returned from game #1 on turn #6 but no turn 7 drop meant that Chau probably was mana flooded to say the least. Dropping one last morph, Khoo seemed happy to start the rush next turn commenting that he didn't think his opponent had a Starstorm – only to see his army, and the match fall away from him with a hard cast Slice and Dice.

Chau followed with 3 clerics in 3 turns (Shieldmage Elder, Whipgrass Entangler and another Daunting Defender), as Khoo could only muster a Spitting Gourna. A Charging Slateback, this time on Chau's side of the table meant that Khoo was only prolonging the inevitable as the Singapore local improved his record to 7-1 with an excellent R/W deck.

Final Result: Chau – 2, Khoo – 1.

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