Round 9: Peter Szigeti vs. Jing Yang Yap

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Having had just one day at home after a disappointing PT result, Szigeti has flown into Singapore in an attempt to not only make some money, but to pickup some valuable PT points. Home-towner Jing Yap stands in his way, drafting to the left of Szigeti at the pod he managed to pick up all the blue that was being pushed through, and has ended up with an interesting deck but 3 color r/g/u deck.

Game 1

Despite the fast nature of his deck, a lack of a Plains forced Szigeti to wait till turn 3 to play out a morph, which was matched by a turn 3 Mistform Dreamer from Yap. Another morph hits the table for Szigeti, as the Dreamer crunches in for 2 damage, with Yap playing a morph of his own. The morphs slide in for 4 damage as Szigeti finally draws a Plains and drops a Glory Seeker and a third morph. Yaps attack phase puts Szigeti down to 14 life equaling the scores, and a Wirewood Elf and yet another morph join the table, this time on Yap's side. All of Szigeti's creatures enter the red zone giving yap a tough choice what to block, having absolutely no idea what could be what due to the three morphs. The freshly summoned Morph blocks the Seeker and Szigeti cycles a Gempalm Avenger to take it down, dropping a Crown of Suspicion on the Dreamer when he returns to his main phase. A morph joins the table on Yaps side but with his life now on 8 he's looking in lots of trouble.

Szigeti turns all his men sideways and takes a quick peek at all the morphs to see what kind of tricks he can flip up. Yaps Morphs block a morph and the seeker, and an Echo Tracer is flipped up to attempt to return itself but in response is met with a Skinthinner. Keeneye Aven gives Yap a much needed 3 toughness but when a lone morph crashes in it is a Sootfeather Flock and Szigeti unmorphs a Daru Healer to keep his man alive. Yap has no play on his turn and drops to one life when the Flock comes in again and when he once again has no play on his turn he is forced to scoop 'em up.

Szigeti leads 1-0

Game 2

Yap elected to go first in the second game and began with a mulligan, leaving him at a real disadvantage versus Szigeti's deck. An insane draw negated any sort of disadvantage and he played a Wirewood elf on turn 2 backed up by a Timberwatch Elf on turn 3. Szigeti had a fast start as well cycling a Secluded Steppe in Yap's end step and dropping a Glory Seeker. Szigeti pushed his seeker into the red zone and dropped another one, then a turn later a Severed Legion but the Timberwatch Elf was proving to be a nightmare. Yap played a morph and flipped it over a turn later revealing a Mistform Seaswift and sent it into the red zone. Szigeti cycled a disciple and sent in his team, with the Timberwatch Elf giving the blocking morph +2/+2 and a Piety Charm giving the blocked Seeker the same bonus sending them both to the graveyard.

Mistform Mask on the legion keeps it at bay and Szigeti replies with a Pacifism on the Seaswift, bringing the board back to a stalled state. Yap plays down a morph and Szigeti has no options and passes back the turn. He elects to take 2 as the morph crushes in dropping him to 12 life. Szigeti plays down Scion a card that was basically his 23rd place in the deck and passes back the turn. Aven Fateshaper is the reply that Yap finds gaining back control of the match. With Yap tapped out Szigeti sends in the Legion and drops down a Stoic Champion and a Morph. Once again the game was taken to the air, as Fateshaper swung in, aided by the little Elf, for six damage. Szigeti has no option but to make an all out attack, sending in his Scion, the Champion and a Glory Seeker but when Yaps morph is flipped up to reveal another Tracer and returns the Scion the game is over and the two move onto game 3.

Match tied 1-1.

Game 3

Szigeti starts first in the final and deciding game and leads off with a turn 2 Glory Seeker. Yap's reply of a turn 2 Wirewood Elf is met by yet another Glory Seeker from Szigeti. Once again Timberwatch Elf makes its way into play threatening to shut down the attack of Szigeti. Szigeti's freshly summoned morph is shocked at the end of turn and Yap plays down a morph of his own. With the Timberwatch Elf now active Szigeti is forced to sit back and plays out a Stoic Champion and a morph. Yap flips over his morph, a Skirk Marauder, and kills off the Stoic Champion, bringing another morph into play before sending the turn to Szigeti.

With nothing to do Szigeti passes the turn back and the marauder comes in, with a Keeneye Aven joining Yap's team. Szigeti unmorphs Daru lancer at the end of the turn and sends in his three creatures for the attack. A morph blocks a Seeker and the Keeneye blocks another Seeker, but when Gempalm Avenger is cycled, Yap flips over an Echo Tracer to return one of the seekers to hand. Yap then pumped the Aven with the Timberwatch Elf and keep both his men alive, but he did take 4 damage from the Lancer. The Tracer, Aven and Marauder enter the red zone in a counter attack dropping Szigeti down to 12 life and are joined by a Barkhide mauler

Szigeti is really starting to lose control of this game and when he has no other play but a morph things are really looking grim. When the Mauler and Aven attack the Mauler is double blocked by Seeker and the Lancer, as another Gempalm is cycled to allow it to be first struck to death. Szigeti cycles a Disciple in his main phase and flips over his morph a Sootfeather Flock, sending it across to deal 3 damage to Yap. Yaps reply is to send in his Echo tracer, and when it is double blocked by Daru Lancer and Glory Seeker, it gets pumped by the Timberwatch Elf enabling it to trade with the Lancer. Szigeti continues to try and stabilize the board dropping down Stoic Champion but the sheer power of the Timberwatch Elf is giving him nightmares.

When Yap plays a morph down, and then flips it over at the end of Szigeti's turn, revealing a Snarling Undorak, he is forced to concede.

Final Result: Yap defeated Szigeti 2-1

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