2003 Grand Prix Singapore Photo Coverage

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Mikael Polgary, Champion Sunday Players
Polgary v Soh (Finals) Sunday Players
Mikael Polgary (Finals) Sunday Players
Terry Soh (Finals) Sunday Players
Kelvin Hoon 3rd Place Sunday Players
Sam Lau 4th Place Sunday Players
Staff photo Sunday Staff
Our Hero, with his new #1 fan. Sunday Players
Our hero - In the buff Sunday Players
Terry Soh - 2nd Place Sunday Players
Mikael Polgary (Semifinals) Sunday Players
Kelvin Hoon (Semifinals) Sunday Players
Adrian Teh draws the lucky winner Sunday Staff
Side event winner takes his prize! Sunday Players
Kai Cheong Tang (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Sam Lau (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Gary Talim (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Mikael Polgary - Draft Feature (Quarterfinal) Sunday Players
Textbook enchanting.... Sunday Players
A view from the edge. Sunday Players
Wei has terrible things done to his Tusker. Sunday Players
A Satoshi special? Everyone loves the hat. Sunday Players
Dr. Nadebaum at work... Sunday Players
Why can't I just die? Sunday Players
John Lagges lays down the law Sunday Players
Convalescent Care can't block everything Sunday Players
So many options - Unfrotunate that only 1 flies. Sunday Players
The Lucky Table Sunday Players
It's all happening now! Sunday Players
This is how it is done .... Sunday Players
Thorn Elemental Sunday Site
rk post Sunday Staff
Peter Szigeti Sunday Players
Jing Yang Yap Sunday Players
Chau Cheng Sunday Players
Wei Ren Khoo Sunday Players
Peter Szigeti gets down to business Sunday Players
The Head Judge turns 30. Saturday Staff
Ben Seck adds a third colour. Saturday Players
Happy Birthday - Mark Brown Saturday Staff
I have 6 land - you have 1.... this has to be good Saturday Players
Oversold Cemetary? That's sooooo unfair. Saturday Players
Ben Seck in deep concentration. Saturday Players
Talim - When big things with first strike attack!! Saturday Players
I've got 1 hand in my pocket...... Saturday Players
Someone drew rude pictures on my cards :) Saturday Players
A political statment? How about a "Freedom Mulligan"? Saturday Players
Antonino de Rosa is paired against the bogeyman. Saturday Players
When 3 mountains simply wont do. Saturday Players
The Perils of a "3 Colour Special" Saturday Players
Sam Lau - I hope I don't have to mulligan again.... Saturday Players
Mark Brown hard at work. Saturday Staff
rk post among his many fans. Saturday Staff
The New Look Of Magic: The Gathering III Site Players
The New Look Of Magic: The Gathering II Site Players
The New Look Of Magic: The Gathering I Site Players
Miyasaka needs something better than land to pull this one out Saturday Players
Hoon really loves his Stag Beetle Saturday Players
Kevin Di Yao Goh - 11 years old and ready to play!!! Saturday Players
David & Goliath cut decks. Saturday Players
It's all happening in Round #2. Saturday Players
It all comes together on table #95. Saturday Players
WOW! They're all so good!!! Saturday Players
The nerves have settled, a smooth registration has ensued. Saturday Players
Antonio de Rosa carefully studies his card pool. Saturday Players
Singapore's local hero, Sam Lau Saturday Players
Players get down to the job at hand - build a deck to last the test of time (well... 7 rounds) Saturday Players
Head Judge Mark Brown ready the judge for the 7 rounds of play ahead. Saturday Staff
Singapore - A city that blends tradition, art and the 21st century. Saturday Site
Singapore welcomes all 239 competitors. Saturday Players
Suntec Singapore - Venue of 2003 Grand Prix Singapore Saturday Site
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