Quarterfinals: Mikael Polgary vs. Kai Cheong Tang

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Game 1

Polgary wins the die roll and elects to play first starting off the quarterfinals with a mulligan. He sums up the situation quite well when he smiles and says "bad start", shuffling the horrible 7 cards back into his deck. His new six card hand is good enough and he begins his summoning with a turn 2 Stonewood Invoker, which is backed it up by a turn 3 Wirewood Savage. Tang simply cast Swat during his main phase, putting an end to any kind of card drawing shenanigans that Polgary might be dreaming about. Polgary keeps playing creatures during his turn, crashing in for two with his Invoker and dropping a morph while Tang plays out a Wirewood Channeler.

The two creatures of Polgary enter the red zone and the Channeler trades off with the Invoker, but Polgary simply summons a morph creature to take its place.. A Wirewood Savage on Tangs side gets Shocked and he plays a Shepherd of Rot passing the turn back to Polgary. The two morphs of Polgary crash in dealing 4 damage, and Polgary summons a Timberwatch Elf before ending his turn. Doomed Necromancer comes into play for Tang, and he refuses to block the morphs dropping himself down to a dangerously low total of 5. Polgary then summons a Snarling Undorak and passes the turn.

Tang has no play and sends it back across to Polgary who cycles his Krosan Tusker and sends in the two morphs and the Undorak. The Shepherd jumps infront of the Undorak and the Necromancer jumps infront of a morph, and when the Timberwatch Elf pumps the blocked morph Tang sacrifices it before damage goes on the stack, returning his Wirewood Savage from the graveyard. Glowering Rogon comes into play netting Tang a card, but he has no chance to block the three creatures on the other side of the board and concedes game 1.

Birchvlaw Rangers and Snapping Thragg are the morphs shown at the end of the match by Polgary.

Polgary leads 1-0

Game 2

Polgary elects not to sideboard and after much consideration Tang decides not to sideboard in anything as well.

Despite playing second Polgary starts the summoning again with the same card he started the first game, Stonewood Invoker. Its met by a turn 3 morph from Tang, but a Timberwatch Elf on Polgarys side of the board looks to seal things up early. After drawing Tang lets out a sigh as he cant find a fourth land and his three swamps in play can only put down a second morph. Polgary lands a Wirewood Hivemaster and dumps out a Wirewood Elf, bringing a 1/1 insect token along with it.

Tang still cant find a land and plays another morph, while Polgary keeps laying out the gas dumping down a morph and smashing into the redzone with his Invoker and the little Insect. When Tang declines to blocker he thinks long and hard about what he's going to do before deciding to pump up the invoker dealing 7 damage to the dome of Tang. After drawing another swamp Tang could do nothing more than play down a Deathmark Prelate.

The Insect and the Invoker came charging in again, forcing Tang to finally block with one of the morphs, allowing the Timberwatch to pump the blocked Invoker and kill it. Pinpoint Avalanche dealt with the Deathmark and a morph joined his board. Once again Tang fails to draw a land and all he can do is play a Doomed Necromancer. Polgary moved in for the kill sending in the morph creature, the Invoker and the little token that could. The Necromancer was forced to block the morph and it was revealed to be a Skirk Marauder knocking out one of Tangs morphs that he was trying to keep behind the lines.
When Tang failed to draw another land he was helpless as the 3 remaining elves and the token moved in for the kill, backed up with the pumping power of the Timberwatch Elf.

Final Result: Polgary defeats Tang 2-0

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