Quarterfinals: Sam Lau vs. Gary Talim

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The quarterfinals are upon as Gary Talim of the USA meets Sam Lau of Singapore. Talim has drafted a blue white deck, with just a small splash of red – Lau with a dedicated red / blue deck.

Game 1

Sam dropped a second turn Goblin Grappler after opening with an island, as Talim, (who had gone first) played a morph immediately afterwards. His plan came to fruition as he trapped the morph with the old Crown of Fury-on-a-provoker trick, netting a Daru Lancer. Talim was able to put a small wall down in the form of a Whipgrass Entangler. It wasn't enough as Lau morphed in a Skirk Marauder to assist the grappler. Still short of land, Talim dropped a White Knight, at least hoping to trade with the tiny thorn in his side.

Lau had the Pinpoint Avalanche ready however, and followed it with a Mistform Shrieker. Taking 7 damage a turn, not even the sought after 4th land was enough for Talim as he cycled a Keeneye Aven into something that was nowhere near good enough to keep him in the game.

Lau 1, Talim 0.

Game 2

Lau locked Talim with the most potent combo in the format – Sparksmith/Mountain. Talim had to play a morph after it hoping against hope that a second goblin wasn't forthcoming (Nosy Goblin). After that he dropped a Mistform Wall buying some time as Lau couldn't attack through the ¼. Talim put his first threat of the match out as his 5th turn Daunting Defender was then followed with another cleric, an Aven Soulgazer. Consecutive Pinpoint Avalanches removed both the defender and the wall, allowing Lau to take out the Soulgazer with the help of a part-time goblin (Mistform Wakecaster) aiding the Sparksmith. With a Sparksmith now active for up to 3, Talim could keep nothing on the board. A Crested Craghorn was left with nothing to provoke as Sam Lau progressed through to the Semifinals.

Final Result: Lau 2, Talim 0

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