Sealed Deck: Antonino De Rosa

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After a 46th place finish at PT Venice De Rosa headed home to Florida for an 8 hour stop over, which was enough time for him to grab something to eat, do his laundry and then pack and head off to catch another flight to Singapore for the GP. Oh the life of a PT player! He added that the officer that cleared his passport on the way back into the country was the same guy that cleared it again on the way out, and was laughing when he saw him coming up to the desk. Time off from school coupled with nothing to do and cheap airline tickets due to the war meant that De Rosa and his friend, John Laggis who De Rosa confesses is a very high quality magic player, could make the trip over together.

Always the opportunist as we were sitting down to begin the interview De Rosa was talking to other players milling around the land table, trying to hook him and his squad up with a money draft to keep them entertained while they waited for the byes to dissipate.

His first impression as he opened his deck was "bleh", and who could blame him. With no real standout cards his deck would have to rely on synergy and play skill to wing its way through the 4 rounds he was facing. Despite the lack of out and out bombs he admitted that the deck practically built itself, with red being an obvious standout, mostly due to the card quality, or lack there of in other colours. He toyed with playing a R/G/u version, splashing for Keeneye Aven and Echo Tracer but quickly dismissed that idea, despite "quality green like Timberwatch Elf, Snarling Undorak and Barkhide Mauler". "I'd much rather play with two colours" he admitted, settling for a red black build that is full of morph tricks which he considers to be the highlight of his deck. "Morphs are always good, people always seem to misplay versus them" although he later admitted that he might side in the green if he comes across any green decks that he has trouble dealing with.

De Rosa felt that he should be able to end up with a 6-1 record playing his deck, and considering the size of the field felt that he might have some chance, given a little luck, to make it on a 5-2 record, but stated that anything worse than that would be very disappointing.

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