Top 8 Draft: Mikael Polgary and Chang Chua

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Polgary and Chua have both had excellent weekends, with Polgary going undefeated to lead the Swiss before posting a 3-2-1 record in the draft to make his way to the final table. Chua on the other hand finished day one in 6th place with a 6-1 record, obviously nothing to turn ones nose up at, and ended up going undefeated on day 2, with 4 wins and 2 Intentional Draws. In the top 8 draft Chua is being fed by Polgary.

Both players opened their beginning packs and were greeted with a fine first pick, with Polgary snaring a Slice and Dice while Chua settled for an Akroma's Vengeance. Chua scooped up the Sparksmith that Polgary had diced over, while Polgary faced an interesting decision. He had a choice between Battering Craghorn, Spitting Gourna and Wirewood Savage, and elected to take the Savage opting not to take the Craghorn and attempt to cut off red, which was a wise decision as its rare that a second picked Sparksmith would ever sit in a players sideboard.

The third pick gave Polgary an Undorak, confirming his choice to take green looked the right one while Chua scooped up the red that was drifting through taking the Craghorn. Once again Polgary elected not to take a red card letting Embermage Goblin slide in favor of a Vitality Charm, while Chua elected to take a Goblin Taskmaster to help his Sparksmith, and then scooped the Embermage on his next pick.

Polgary was slowing building his way to an insane deck, netting a Spitting Gourna, an Elven Riders, a Wirewood Elf and a Battering Craghorn. Chau was trying to keep his options open, with not much white coming through he began to explore blue a little, picking up a Riptide Biologist , a Disruptive Pathmage and a late Sage Aven while Two Forgotten Caves helped him to balance out his mana.

Moving into the second pack the two players decks were looking solid, with both having the potential to really go busty. The red flowing through the two players was deep and what looked like Chau giving Polgary a hookup was only half true, as he was taking cards that were equally good if not better. Chau started out with an Improvised Armor, shipping Polgary a Pinpoint Avalanche, and his second pick of Slice and Dice netted his partner in crime a Shock. Finally the third pick of Avarax over Skirk Commando left Polgary with some real quality red.

Chau continued to fill out his deck, grabbing a Dive Bomber, a second Improvised Armor over Riptide Replicator and a nosy goblin to help feed the Sparksmith. Polgary picked up a Krosan Tusker over the Replicator and got another Wirewood Elf but that ended his quality picks from the second pack.

If you told Polgary his first four Legions picks he wouldn't have believed you, in fact I don't think that anyone would believe you. After first picking a Timberwatch Elf, he was then passed three more, he could hardly contain himself as the final one came around, letting out a brief giggle. Chau wasn't doing too badly himself, opening up Akroma, Angel of Wrath, a Gempalm Incinerator and two Daru Sanctifiers.

Polgary's draft was totally out of control, as he grabbed a Marauder, two Outriders, a Stonewood Invoker and a Krosan Vorine. Chau had a few more solid picks, grabbing a Stoic Champion, a Liege of the Axe, a second Gempalm Incinerator and a Macetail Hystrodon.

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