Draft 1: Richard Grace

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Start in seat 6 in between Chris Nadebaum and Domonic Lo, Richard's first 2 picks (Mask of Memory and Myr Mindservant) didn't commit him to a specific colour. After noting that both player either side him were committing to Green, settled nicely in black white, picking up Slith Ascendant and Terror. He continued to take solid white picks with a Leonin Skyhunter, Leonin Sun Standard, and Titanium Golem.

In the second pack he picked up an Arrest x2, an Icy Manipulator, Pewter Golem, and a very late Relic Bane. Nadebaum seemed to move into white (or at the very least wanted to keep his options open), which saw Grace return the favour by countering with Turn to Dust, Elf Replica, and Deconstruct. This caused his picks to thin a little in the third pack only managing an Irradiate, a Skyhunter Cub and a second Leonin Den-Guard.

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