Round 4: Osamu Fujita vs. Tom Haddy

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Fujita won the toss and elected to play, mulliganing away his first hand. Happy with his next 6, and with Haddy content to play, we began.

Game One

Haddy opened with 2 Leonin Scimitars, with Fujita beginning with a Slith Ascendant.

It got no bigger how ever as Haddy was able to muster the Wizard Replica to hold the fort. A Skyhunter Patrol followed by an Arc-Slogger, gave Fujita an excellent 6-card start. 6 lands in six turns is perhaps not what you would ideally be after when playing into a mulligan. Playing a Yotian Soldier saw no cards left in Fujita's hand.

Haddy spread his equipment over his newly cast Goblin War Wagon as he sat back in cruise control. Fujita pressed for 7 with a top decked Detonate on the Wizard Replica, dropping Haddy down to 6.

With nothing more from the top of his deck, Haddy moved to the second Game #2.

Fujita 1 - Haddy 0

Game Two

With both players happy with their opening hand Haddy opened with one of his Leonin Scimitars, but the tempo was dominated by Fujita, with repeated his great game #1 start of third turn Slith and a 4th turn Skyhunter Patrol. Haddy had no play by turn 5, with his first defense being in the form of a Sculpting Steel - copying Fujita's Dragon Blood. A Viridian Shaman then destroyed Fujita original, but the clock was ticking with Haddy down to a meager 10.

Haddy then kindly offered commentary on the remainder of the match " It should read Haddy draws more land as Fujita continues to beat on him savagely".

Even with a second Dragon Blood on the table, Haddy had no answer for the now 4/4 Slith. Outstretching the hand in congratulations.

Fujita 2 - Haddy - 0

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