Round 11: Dan Clegg vs. Eugene Harvey

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Eugene Harvey vs. Dan Clegg
Both Eugene Harvey and Dan Clegg faced the same mission when they sat down to play each other in a round 11 feature match: win the table to advance to the Top 8 and try to win a second Grand Prix. Each needs three straight wins to keep playing. Only one of them would still be alive after this match. Team CMU and Team USA member Eugene Harvey drafted a green-blue deck while Invitational runner-up Dan Clegg went black-blue.

Clegg used Mesmeric Fiend to deprive Harvey of Compulsion on turn 2 and then used last Rites to leave Harvey with just Crashing Centaur, four total land, and a pair of creature enchantments (Ghostly Wings and Seton's Desire). With Afflict and Faceless Butcher in his hand, it looked like Clegg had the game all wrapped up. However, Clegg stopped attacking when Harvey played an Acorn Harvest and enchanted one of the squirrels with Ghostly Wings. Those squirrels held off a Soul Scourge and a Faceless Butcher and gave Harvey time to draw a Krosan Avenger and then an Aven Windreader.

Eugene Harvey
Harvey started sending in Krosan Avenger as soon as he got to threshold. Clegg had nothing that could block it effectively. Clegg had several more creatures than Harvey, but he was very reluctant to attack because he didn't want to give Harvey the opportunity to kill any of his nightmare creatures. Thanks to the Windreader, both players got to see that Clegg was drawing nothing but land. The Avenger beat Clegg all the way down to 2 and then a Krosan Constrictor finished him off. If seemed like Clegg needed to press his attack early, perhaps trading the Soul Scourge for Ghostly Wing and a squirrel so Faceless Butcher et al could start going in. You could tell by Harvey's shaking hands that he felt he got away with one there, winning when he wasn't supposed to.

Harvey looked like he would be able to attack in the air in Game 2 with his Aven Fisher and Aven Windreader. However, Clegg played out a Sengir Vampire and that was the end of that. Harvey moved to plan B: Rabid Elephant and Crashing Centaur. Clegg had Patchwork Gnomes and on defense while Frightcrawler and, as soon as he got to threshold, Dirty Wererat played offense. When Sadistic Hypnotist knocked Amugaba out of Harvey's hand (for the second game in a row),that pretty much clinched the damage race in Clegg's favor. Frightcrawler races pretty well against blue-green.

Dan Clegg
Clegg built himself a shotgun in game 3. He put one Psionic Gift onto Millikin and another onto Mesmeric Fiend (which was also holding onto Rabid Elephant). Repentant Vampire came own to deliver some damage in the more conventional route and Harvey had to try to race with a lone Crashing Centaur. With Clegg just needed an untap and an attack to finish him off, Harvey played Upheaval!

When the dust settled, Harvey had to discard three lands while Clegg lost a total of nine cards – five of which were land. However Clegg kept Millikin so he could power out a fast 4/5 Wererat followed by a quick Sengir Vampire. Harvey still didn't have any answers.

Final Result: Clegg 2 - Harvey 1

Dan Clegg
Grand Prix Tampa, Second Draft Deck

Main Deck Sideboard
7 Island
1 Seafloor Debris
9 Swamp
1 Milikin 1 Patchwork Gnomes 1 Cephalid Looter 1 Dirty Wererat 1 Frightcrawler 1 Repentant Vampire 1 Sadistic Hypnotist 1 Balshan Collaborator 1 Faceless Butcher 2 Gravegouger 1 Mesmeric Fiend 1 Sengir Vampire 1 Soul Scourge
1 Concentrate
2 Psionic Gift
1 Repel
1 Think Tank
1 Afflict
1 Last Rites
1 Morgue Theft
1 Obsessive Search
1 Bog Wreckage
1 Ravaged Highlands
1 Seafloor Debris
1 Dogged Hunter
1 Tireless Tribe
1 Cabal Inquisitor
2 Coffin Purge
1 Filthy Cur
2 Scorching Missile
2 Moment's Peace
1 Primal Frenzy
1 Alter Reality
1 Cephalid Snitch
1 False Memories
1 Boneshard Slasher
1 Psychotic Haze
1 Restless Dreams
1 Unhinge

Eugene Harvey
Grand Prix Tampa, Second Draft Deck

Main Deck Sideboard
8 Forest
9 Island
1 Timberland Ruins
1 Milikin 1 Amugaba 1 Aven Fisher 2 Aven Windreader 1 Cephalid Looter 1 Crashing Centaur 1 Krosan Avenger 1 Leaf Dancer 1 Rabid Elephant 1 Aquamoeba 1 Centaur Chieftain 1 Krosan Constrictor
1 Upheaval
1 Chatter of the Squirrel
1 Seton's Desire
1 Circular Logic
1 Compulsion
1 Ghostly Wings
1 Liquify
1 Stupefying Touch
1 Acorn Harvest
1 Sarcatog
2 Angelic Wall
1 Auramancer
1 Confessor
1 Hallowed Healer
1 Karmic Justice
1 Pilgrim of Virtue
1 Sphere of Duty
2 Thought Nibbler
1 Touch of Invisibility
1 Dwarven Recruiter
1 Ember Beast
1 Tremble
1 Refresh
1 Tainted Wood
1 Cephalid Illusionist
1 Carrion Rats
1 Petravark
1 Pyromania
1 Invigorating Falls
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