Round 3: Peter Szigeti vs. Eric Taylor

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Peter Szigeti "PTR" and Eric Taylor "EDT" are much more known by their initials than by their full names, making it very easy for a reporter, like myself, to refer to them with just three keystrokes. This "Initials Match" pitted PTR's very solid black/blue deck against EDT's black/blue/green.

Game 1 started on the third turn with EDT playing a Puppeteer, which would be immediately on call to deal with PTR's Shadowmage Infiltrator. However, EDT's "tough mana" as PTR referred to it, would catch up with him, as EDT missed land drops on both turns four and five. PTR put some more pressure on with a Dreamwinder and Shambling Swarm.

EDT finally drew land, but it was after PTR brought forth a Skywing Aven and then, several turns later, cast another one. Crippling Fatigue was used in the interim to dispose of the Puppeteer and EDT succumbed quickly to the fliers.


Game 2 started with EDT casts a Rites of Spring and a Krosan Restorer, helping out his "tough mana," while PTR simply played a pair of Islands and a Swamp. EDT surprised the crowd a bit, searching out a Mountain with his Rites, apparently sideboarding out his blue.

The game was tight, with PTR rolling for a while, until EDT got his Swampwalking Krosan Constrictor. EDT's Patriarch's Desire disposed of the Soul Scourge that had been slowly taking down his life, but with PTR at three, after early damage taking its toll, EDT failed to attack with the Constrictor. "Free turn! Free turn!" PTR shouted, and took full advantage. After being attacked to one the following turn, PTR got to see an extra card and ripped Morbid Hunger.

EDT continued to mount an offense, laying such hits as Krosan Restorer #2 and Filthy Cur, while PTR appeared to have run out of gas. Carrion Wurm began to take away PTR's graveyard, and later, his blockers, and finally, his life.


In Game 3 PTR kept a hand with only a Sandfloor Debris for land, and drawing, decided to keep. To make a short game shorter, he failed to make a second land drop for two turns, and just couldn't come back from EDT's second-turn Wild Mongrel. "Just so you know this game was %&$#@!*!," PTR directed at EDT, and scooped up his cards.

Final Result: EDT 2-PTR 1

PTR (Peter Szigeti)
Grand Prix Tampa Sealed Deck

Main Deck Sideboard
7 Island
8 Swamp
1 Seafloor Debris
1 Tainted Isle
1 Limestone Golem 1 Shadowmage Infiltrator 1 Aven Fisher 1 Aven Smokeweaver 1 Dreamwinder 1 Phantom Whelp 1 Dirty Wererat 1 Gravedigger 1 Painbringer 2 Skywing Aven 1 Gloomdrifter 1 Grotesque Hybrid 1 Soul Scourge
1 Peek
1 Innocent Blood
1 Morbid Hunger
1 Ghostly Wings
1 Obsessive Search
1 Crippling Fatigue
2 Shade's Form
1 Unhinge
1 Deserted Temple
1 Aven Archer
1 Aven Cloudchaser
1 Kirtar's Desire
1 Life Burst
1 Pilgrim of Justice
1 Pilgrim of Virtue
1 Second Thoughts
1 Spiritualize
1 Tireless Tribe
1 Bamboozle
1 Careful Study
1 Cognivore
1 Escape Artist
1 Execute
1 Mind Burst
1 Zombie Cannibal
1 Anarchist
1 Dwarven Grunt
1 Earth Rift
1 Ember Beast
1 Flame Burst
1 Halberdier
1 Lava Blister
1 Liquid Fire
1 Thermal Blast
1 Crashing Centaur
1 Diligent Farmhand
1 Elephant Ambush
1 Muscle Burst
1 Rites of Spring
1 Seton's Desire
1 Aven Trooper
1 Frantic Purification
1 Mystic Familiar
1 Pay No Heed
1 Cephalid Snitch
1 False Memories
1 Carrion Rats
1 Mortiphobia
1 Barbarian Outcast
1 Enslaved Dwarf
1 Pardic Arsonist
2 Pardic Lancer
1 Far Wanderings
1 Gurzigost
1 Narcissism

EDT (Eric Taylor)
Grand Prix Tampa Sealed Deck

Main Deck Sideboard
6 Forest
5 Island
7 Swamp
1 Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor 1 Puppeteer 1 Dirty Wererat 1 Zombie Assassin 1 Krosan Archer 1 Krosan Avenger 1 Wild Mongrel 1 Carrion Wurm 2 Faceless Butcher 1 Gravegouger 1 Shambling Swarm 1 Krosan Constrictor 1 Krosan Restorer 1 Nantuko Calmer
1 Syncopate
1 Patriarch's Desire
1 Elephant Ambush
1 Overrun
1 Rites of Spring
1 Churning Eddy
1 Deep Analysis
1 Ravaged Highlands
1 Skycloud Egg
1 Sungrass Egg
1 Dedicated Martyr
1 Kirtar's Desire
1 Lieutenant Kirtar
1 Mystic Zealot
1 Nomad Decoy
1 Pilgrim of Virtue
1 Ray of Distortion
1 Sacred Rites
1 Second Thoughts
1 Testament of Faith
1 Aboshan's Desire
1 Aura Graft
1 Careful Study
1 Peek
1 Phantom Whelp
1 Words of Wisdom
1 Buried Alive
1 Filthy Cur
1 Haunting Echoes
1 Anarchist
1 Barbarian Lunatic
1 Earth Rift
1 Ember Beast
1 Frenetic Ogre
1 Halberdier
1 Kamahl's Desire
1 Mad Dog
1 Thermal Blast
1 Nimble Mongoose
1 Simplify
1 Cabal Coffers
1 Aven Trooper
1 Mystic Familiar
1 Cephalid Snitch
1 Ghostly Wings
1 Liquify
1 Carrion Rats
1 Mortiphobia
1 Psychotic Haze
1 Putrid Imp
1 Unhinge
1 Zombie Trailblazer
1 Barbarian Outcast
1 Crackling Club
1 Fiery Temper
1 Overmaster
1 Sonic Seizure
2 Temporary Insanity
1 Invigorating Falls
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