Kurtis Hahn Sets Record

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Kurtis Hahn
Kurtis "Fatman" Hahn set a new record at Grand Prix Tampa Bay – he got kicked out of the GP faster than anyone has ever been kicked out of any previous Grand Prix. He was severely mana-flooded in a crucial game of a money draft late Friday night (well, Saturday morning to be precise) when someone came by for the 3rd or 4th time to tell Hahn that the site was closed and he needed to please leave. Hahn "went off" and yelled at the guy, using language I can't really print here. Well, the guy on the receiving end turned out to be tournament organizer John Shannon. The next morning, Shannon calmly handed him back his registration money and told him he wouldn't be playing in the main event.

When I talked to the Fatman on Saturday, he seemed remorseful and a bit embarrassed. The worst part of his "error in judgment", he said, was that he was only here through the kindness of Ed Fear, who bought him a plane ticket and a hotel room and he felt like he'd let Ed down. Hahn didn't comment on the fact that this episode is sure to be parodied mercilessly in future articles.

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