The Mono-Black Deck

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Remember the first day of coverage when I reported that nearly 85% of the field were playing decks with Black? Well, during the 2nd draft of day two, Mitchell Tamblyn (with a record of 6-3-1) entered into the 6th draft pod in 44th place. He proceeded to draft the only mono-black deck so far in the tournament, so I sat down with him at the end of the tournament to see how his deck had performed.

Ben: So how did your deck end up doing?
Mitchell: The mono-black deck? 3-0.

B: That's pretty good, and your game count?
M: 6-1. I only lost one game, and it was to this guy (motions to EDT, who is getting up from the table).

B: At what point in the draft did you decide to go mono-black?
M: In the first pack I had mostly black, I ended up with 8 good black cards. In the second pack I started with that green guy, the one that gives other creatures +2/+2...
B: Nantuko Disciple
M: Yeah him, I first picked him, but then I just kept on getting passed black cards. So I just moved into mono-black. I left myself open, so if I opened a complete bomb in the Torment pack, I could add a second color, but when I opened up a Faceless Butcher and then got passed two more in a row, I knew that my deck would be only black.

B: How do you think you ended up with such a strong black deck? I noticed you had very little filler in your deck. Most of the cards are strong in any deck!
M: I have no idea. Black is really strong in this format, but no one at my table really preferred black. So I ended up getting some really amazing picks like the 3 Butchers.

B: So was anyone else at the table playing black?
M: No one—well, one deck, the guy I just played (Eric Taylor), but he had three colors. I think I was the only person running black at my table. It really helped with cards like Whispering Shade and Shade's Form, because I make them really really large.

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