Round 13: Masashiro Kuroda vs. Kazuyuki Momose

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It was old school versus new as Kazuyuki Momose sat down across from Masashiro Kuroda. For a while, it seemed like Momose only came out to compete in the Masters with his buddies in Panzer Hunters. Lately though he's been working his singles skills. Kuroda represents the new, having claimed the Venice Masters title along with Masahiko Morita and Katsuhiro Mori, a team known as P.S.2. Just like everyone else at this tournament, or so it seems, they are playing Red-White, and they're sitting pretty at 10-2.

Game 1

Kuroda got in with an early Silver Knight, and then both players matched Lightning Rifts. Momose had to take two from Kuroda's Rift to dig out a plains with Eternal Dragon. In fact, both were a little tight on mana, so the next few turns were spent tapping out with cyclers, looking for action. Momose's life total continued to fall.

Kuroda soon played a second Rift, prompting Momose to play Akroma's Vengeance and clear the board. He took four more to the face for his trouble, dropping to just three life. Kuroda tried an Exalted Angel, but Starstorm took care of that. Decree of Justice for three soldiers was bested by one for six from Momose. Another Angel forced out an Akroma's Vengeance. Then Kuroda pulled up a third Rift, and Momose's face fell. He showed him two cyclers, and they were on to Game 2.

Kuroda 1 – Momose 0

Game 2

Momose kept a very sketchy hand with just two Forgotten Caves for land, but the top of his deck was kind, and he hit five lands effortlessly. He also had a Rift, and a Wipe Clean for Kuroda's Astral Slide. Momose kept Rifting, and when he was down to four cards Kuroda chanced a facedown Angel. It lived, but only because Momose was busy making an 8/8 Kilnmouth.

Kuroda calmly cycled an Eternal Dragon for his seventh land, and came back with an 11/11 flamethrower. Oblation got rid of it, and let Momose come in for eight. Kuroda fell to six. He had no Vengeance to sweep the board, and merely made a second 11/11. Momose showed him another Oblation, earning the scoop.

Kuroda 1 – Momose 1

Game 3

Kuroda had to mulligan, but bounced back with an early Rift. Momose matched him, and they were in for the long haul. While Kuroda struggled to get land, Momose hit seven with ease and dropped an Eternal Dragon into play. Kuroda brought out an Exalted Angel. Momose swung past it and shot him for two, waiting on his Wing Shards.

Kuroda didn't bite. He played his seventh land, a Forgotten Cave, and waited. Momose hit again, this time losing his Dragon to Wing Shards. He played a second Rift and took care of the Angel with a Shards of his own. Kuroda replaced it with a better threat: An 8/8 Kilnmouth.

Momose wanted to go one better, but didn't have a second red mana. Two Kilnmouths and an Eternal Dragon languished in his hand. Oblation took care of Kuroda's Dragon. Akroma hit the board and brought Momose to twelve. Momose played a third Rift. With Kuroda at merely eleven life, he'd be able to Rift him thrice with his Dragon, regrow it and finish him off. Unfortunately, when he did he had only two mana left over. Kuroda showed him two cyclers, and took the match.

Final Result: Masashiro Kuroda defeats Kazuyuki Momose 2-1

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