First Draft: Masahiko Morita

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Pod Seating

  Hiroki Okamoto Masahiko Morita  
Yuuta Ushie     Kei Ikeda
Akira Oomiya     Kenji Kimoto
  Kazuyuki Momose Yuuki Murakami  

Prominent Players

  • Masahiko Morita: One of winners of Grand Prix Nagoya 2002 and a defending national team member, Morita starts the day as one of the 3 undefeated players.
  • Kazuyuki Momose: The wild card member of Panzer Hunter.
  • Kei Ikeda: A regular on the Pro Tour.
  • Kenji Kimoto: #1 in the standings after Day 1.
  • Yuuki Murakami: Another of the undefeated Day 1 players, Murakami is best known for defeating Itaru Ishida in the Top 8 of GP Sendai.


1st pick: Morita showed an early commitment to black, choosing Morbid Hunger. Other choices: Chainflinger, Resilient Wanderer, and Scrivener.
2nd pick: Ivy Elemental. Other choices: Dreamwinder, Aven Flock
3rd pick: Second Thoughts. Other choices: Repel
4th pick: Aven Archer. Other choices: Embolden, Flame Burst
5th pick: Aven Cloudchaser. Other choices: Seton's Desire
6th pick: Aven Flock.
7th pick: Morbid Hunger.
8th pick: Fledgling Imp. Other choices: Scrivener
9th pick: Fledgling Imp.
10th pick: Frightcrawler. Other choices: Innocent Blood
11th pick: Darkwater Egg.
12th pick: Pilgrim of Virtue.
13th pick: Confessor.
14 pick: Dedicated Martyr.
15th pick: Cognivore.

When asked about his picks, Morita was generally happy, although he did express regrets about taking Aven Archer over Embolden. He was especially happy to get a second Morbid Hunger. He also explained that he thought about going after blue in the first few packs, but quickly realized that it was being cut off and stuck with black.


1st pick: Soul Scourge. Other picks: Fiery Temper
2nd pick: Carrion Wurm. Other picks: Soul Scourge, Seton's Scout
3rd pick: Cabal Torturer
4th pick: Teroh's Faithful. Other picks: Mystic Familiar, Soul Scourge
5th pick: Shambling Swarm. Other picks: Organ Grinder
6th pick: Mind Sludge. Other picks: Teroh's Faithful
7th pick: Gravegouger.
8th pick: Frantic Purification.
9th pick: Tainted Wood.
10th pick: Shade's Form.
11th pick: Boneshard Slasher.
12th pick: Cabal Surgeon.
13th pick: Accelerate.
14th pick: Far Wanderings.
15th pick: Cabal Ritual.

Morita got lucky with Torment, dramatically increasing his deck's power with Shambling Swarm, and Cabal Torturer, a Limited power card. However, he's now drafting two of the same colors as Okamoto, which means they're going to end up fighting over Judgment.


1st pick: Shieldmage Advocate. Other picks: Scalpelexis
2nd pick: Phantom Flock. Other picks: Arcane Teachings, Wormfang Drake, Phantom Centaur
3rd pick: Battlewise Aven. Other picks: Arcane Teachings, Valor
4th pick: Benevolent Bodyguard.
5th pick: Vigilant Sentry. Other picks: Wormfang Drake
6th pick: Stitch Together. Other picks: Lost in Thought
7th pick: Aven Warcraft.
8th pick: Ray of Revelation.
9th pick: Prismatic Strands.
10th pick: Envelop.
11th pick: Goretusk Firebeast.
12th pick: Goretusk Firebeast.
13th pick: Liberated Dwarf.
14th pick: Book Burning.
15th pick: Cabal Trainee.

Tempted to dip into blue when he opened the Scalpelexis, Morita decided to stick to two colors by taking the Shieldmage Advocate. However, after seeing what got passed to him, he said he probably should have taken the Scalpelexis. Given that his color requirements for white were loose, it would have been easy for him to add a third color, but he decided to play it safe and stuck with White ManaBlack Mana for the rest of the draft.

According to Morita, his original plan was to draft green after committing to black, but was forced to use white as his support color when no good green came his way. When asked about the makeup of his deck, Morita admitted that he was worried about having too many sorceries and not enough support cards.

Morita's deck would soon be put to the test: His first opponent is Kei Ikeda, who ended up with all the blue, including 3 Skywing Avens and 3 Wormfang Drakes.

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