Second Draft: Tsuyoshi Ikeda

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  Akira Asahara Yuusuke Wakisaka  
Shinsuke Hayashi     Katsuhiro Mori
Yuusuke Sasaki     Kazuyuki Momose
  Tsuyoshi Ikeda Noriaki Masui  

With all the members having a chance to make Top 8, Table 2 of the second draft drew quite a crowd. Ikeda was especially serious--if he gets two wins, he's practically assured a spot in the playoffs. Renewing his commitment to Magic after placing 13th at PT Osaka, Ikeda says he has practiced drafting, hoping to have his first Top 8 since 2000 Nationals.


1st pick: Overrun. Other choices: Morbid Hunger, Mindslicer
2nd pick: Muscle Burst. Other choices: Nomad Decoy, Ghastly Demise
3rd pick: Dreamwinder.
4th pick: Cephalid Scout.
5th pick: Aven Fisher.
6th pick: Chamber of Manipulation. Other choices: Syncopate, AEther Burst.
7th pick: Innocent Blood.
8th pick: Psychatog.
9th pick: Cartographer.
10th pick: Pilgrim of Virtue.
11th pick: Thought Nibbler.
12th pick: Thought Nibbler.
13th pick: Seafloor Debris.
14th pick: Demolish.
15th pick: Lava Blister.


1st pick: Hydromorph Gull. Other choices: Skywing Aven
2nd pick: Ghostly Wings. Other choices: Hydromorph Guardian
3rd pick: Waste Away. Other choices: Liquify, Coral Net
4th pick: Guzigost.
5th pick: Basking Rootwalla.
6th pick: Korasan Restorer.
7th pick: Hydromorph Guardian.
8th pick: Churning Eddy.
9th pick: Far Wanderings.
10th pick: Invigorating Falls.
11th pick: Spirit Flare.
12th pick: Churning Eddy.
13th pick: Cephalid Vandal.
14th pick: Kamahl's Sledge.
15th pick: Centaur Veteran.


1st pick: Scalpelexis. Other choices: Cephalid Inkshrouder
2nd pick: Sudden Strength.
3rd pick: Wormfang Drake.
4th pick: Wormfang Drake.
5th pick: Cephalid Inkshrouder. Other choices: Keep Watch
6th pick: Keep Watch.
7th pick: Nullmage Advocate.
8th pick: Devy Gravity. Other choices: Battlefield Scrounger
9th pick: Anurid Barkripper. Other choices: Cephalid Inkshrouder
10th pick: Keep Watch.
11th pick: Swirling Sandstorm. Other choices: Wormfang Newt 12th pick: Grip of Amnesia.
13th pick: Envelop.
14th pick: Venomous Vines.
15th pick: Soulgorger Orgg.

After the draft, Ikeda commented that "I got lucky--the first pack from each set was really strong." Starting with an Overrun, he committed to green and was able to stick to it, having a relatively easy draft.

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