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"I like to just get on a train and go somewhere I've never been." One of two graduate students in the Top 8, Sasaki could be best described as a free spirit.

Although he chose to play Psychatog in Standard, the deck didn't perform as well as he'd hoped, ending up going 3-2-1. However, he admits his strength is Limited, and it shows—he was able to draft his favorite color combination (UW) in both drafts, and went undefeated on Saturday. He admits to having done "a little practice."

Sasaki's deck build departs somewhat from what has come to be regarded as the standard. While he has 2 Probes, he also has two Chainer's Edicts in the main deck. He admits to being worried about his odds against Steroid. Still, one can tell by looking in his eyes that he won't give up without a fight.

Yusuke Sasaki ( from Sendai )
"Psychatog" Japan National 5th after Swiss

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