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Ever since Kazuaki Arahori's GP Sendai win, the Hachiouji Clan has been making a name for itself, with its members consistently placing high in whatever event they participate in—including this year's Nationals. A graduate student at Tokyo Municipal University, Mitsuya is majoring in chemistry, which has earned him the nickname "Mad Scientist". He joked that he considered coming to the event in his lab coat.

Mitsuya is using a Budde-style Psychatog deck, going 5-1 with it on Friday. In his first draft, he picked GB with a splash of blue and went 2-1, losing only to Higashino. His second draft started badly, as he ended up fighting for both red and black with another player. Switching to green in Judgment, he ended up with a three-color deck and a questionable mana base of 7 Forests, 6 Mountains, and 4 Swamps. 4 lands is normally enough for a splash color, but can Shambling Swarm accurately be called a splash card? Somehow, Mitsuya managed to make the mad experiment work, going 2-1 and securing a place in the Top 8.

Kazuhiko Mitsuya
"Psychatog for Nationals" Japan National 7th after Swiss

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