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Some of our readers may remember the 2000 National Championship, during the "Blue Summer". While Tsuyoshi Douyama and Tadayoshi Komiya were battling to see who would be named champion, using identical blue artifact decks, a then-unknown high school student from Okayama quietly became a member of the national team. A dark horse with a perfect poker face, Michihisa Onoda soon became a regular sight at the top tables.

Two years later, Onoda has become a Magic professional, signing a sponsorship contract with the Mana Source Group. A Pro Tour veteran, he is looking for a win to take him to the next level. Falling into a slump since his Top 4 finish at GP Singapore last year, he feels time is running out. "I'll graduate from high school next year, and since I haven't applied at any colleges, I'll have to get a job—which means I'll probably have to quit Magic."

The glory Onoda seeks—not to mention a $20,000 check—is just three matches away. Can Onoda realize his dream?

Michihisa Onoda
"Mana Source Black" Japan National 8th after Swiss

Main Deck

60 cards

Cave of Koilos
14  Swamp
Tainted Field

23 lands

Braids, Cabal Minion
Nantuko Shade
Pyrexian Rager
Ravenous Rats
Shambling Swarm

22 creatures

Chainer's Edict
Gerrard's Verdict

15 other spells

Aura Blast
Death Grasp
Phyrexian Arena

15 sideboard cards

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