Gateway Round 6: Peter Szigeti vs. Amiel Tenenbaum

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"PTR" is best known for being the Pro Tour's antagonist element, but lately he's been proving that his game is nothing to scoff at either. He fought his way through the Gateway at Houston to play in the Masters, and is now one match away from repeating that achievement in Chicago.

Game 1

Szigeti mulliganed his opening hand. Tenenbaum took away an Arrogant Wurm with Mesmeric Fiend, leaving Szigeti with many blue cards, and lacking any blue mana to cast them. Cabal Therapy took out two Quiet Speculation from Szigeti's hand, while the Fiend kept chipping away for damage. The hand disruption continued with Duress, which took Circular Logic, leaving Szigeti with Wonder, Roar of the Wurm and Arrogant Wurm. Another Mesmeric Fiend took a second Arrogant Wurm away, and increased Tenenbaum's clock to two points per turn. Szigeti's bad draw combined with Tenenbaum's discard spells meant that even if he drew an island, it would be too late. Deep Analysis drew Tenenbaum into more cards, and Szigeti conceded soon after.

Szigeti- 0 Tenenbaum- 1

Game 2

This game worked out much better for Szigeti, as he played a forest and an island, summoning a turn two Mongrel. Tenenbaum played Mesmeric Fiend to take away another Mongrel. Szigeti attacked for two, and added Aquamoeba to his side. Tenenbaum cast Peek, and saw that Szigeti merely had two lands in his hand. Wild Mongrel died to Smother, and another Peek confirmed that Szigeti was out of action cards. However, he drew into Quiet Speculation the following turn, and got three Deep Analysis, flashing one back that same turn. The Aquamoeba died to Smother, leaving Szigeti with no creatures in play. A second Mesmeric Fiend took away a potentially devastating Upheaval. Szigeti gained some more card advantage with Deep Analysis, but still had nothing on the board. A Psychatog was countered with Circular Logic, and Szigeti summoned Aquamoeba, flashed back the third Analysis, and got two Basking Rootwallas in play.

Ghastly Demise took out Aquamoeba, and at seven lands Szigeti was able to play Roar of the Wurm from his hand, which was Counterspelled. The Rootwallas got past the Fiends for damage, and on the following turn the Roar was flashed back. It died to Ghastly Demise, but Szigeti still had an offense going thanks to his two Rootwallas. A third one joined, and Tenenbaum pounded on his deck and top-decked Engineered Plague. This got a gasp out of the crowd, but Szigeti had Circular Logic.

Szigeti- 1 Tenenbaum- 1

Game 3

Szigeti mulliganed to start for the second time this match. Careful Study put Ray of Revelation and an island into Szigeti's graveyard. A second turn Compost would have been bad news for Tenenbaum, but Counterspell stopped it. Mesmeric Fiend followed Psychatog, and took Deep Analysis, leaving Szigeti with only lands in hand. Tenenbaum cast Deep Analysis, getting further ahead. A second Fiend took Roar of the Wurm, and Basking Rootwalla died to Smother. With no resources left, Szigeti soon fell to the Psychatog.

Final Result: Szigeti- 1 Tenenbaum- 2

PT Chicago Masters Gateway 2003: Psychatog
Amiel Tenenbaum

PT Chicago Masters Gateway 2003: U/G Madness
Peter Szigeti

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