Gateway Round 5: Pete Guevin vs. Jeff Cunningham

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With everything on the line, two blue-green players sat down opposite each other. One would advance to The Masters, the other would have to content themselves with doing a few last-minute practice drafts for tomorrow's Pro Tour. You'd have to give Jeff Cunningham the advantage, at least in terms of experience. He's been playing blue-green since Houston, back when it was unthinkable. He's also helped pen a definitive guide to its play, at least in Standard. Pete Guevin is probably best known as the brother of loudmouth Tom Guevin, but he's shown his own strength. Guevin's build splashes red to take advantage of Flametongue Kavu and Fire/Ice.

Game 1

Cunningham won the die roll but had no first turn play. Guevin got in with a Rootwalla, immediately outclassed by Cunningham's Wild Mongrel. Guevin tried one of his own. Cunningham feigned the Daze, then let it resolve. Of course, the Daze was waiting for him on top of his library. He rolled his eyes at its late arrival.

He sent in the dog and it went unblocked. Arrogant Wurm joined the party. Guevin returned in kind with a Wurm of his own, and Cunningham slammed down the Daze. Guevin added two Rootwallas to make it five, earning some oohs from the crowd. Cunningham drew another land and sent in his monsters for six. He made an Aquamoeba and passed it back.

Guevin attacked all-out. Cunningham took it. Guevin pumped once, bringing Cunningham to eight. As he tried to add an Aquamoeba to the table, Cunningham sighed audibly. His Circular Logic meant Guevin had no blockers, and he could attack and pitch his hand to deal lethal damage.

Cunningham 1 – Guevin 0

Game 2

Cunningham mulliganed for Game 2, but Guevin was cautious.

"I'm up against the Master of Blue-Green, here. I don't know how I'm going to win." – Pete Guevin

Cunningham's six were acceptable, and they were off. Guevin opened with island, and Cunningham showed him how it's done. Careful Study got Rootwalla into play and Deep Analysis in the graveyard. Guevin had a Mongrel, Cunningham, and Aquamoeba.

Guevin stalled on two lands, and his second Mongrel was Dazed. Cunningham flashed back his Deep Analysis and brought the noise. Guevin again failed to pull a land and tried a Waterfront Bouncer. Cunningham was ready with Gilded Drake, setting up a strong lock.

That gave Guevin an opportunity to brawl in for six, dropping Cunningham to nine, but Cunningham was in the driver's seat. He bounced the Drake and made an Aquamoeba. Guevin madnessed a Rootwalla at end of turn, then attacked with his Mongrel. It went unblocked and he dealt four, madnessing an Arrogant Wurm. Cunningham simply stole both Mongrel and Wurm, leaving the Drake on Guevin's side. He had a Flametongue Kavu to take down the Waterfront Bouncer, but it wasn't enough. Cunningham flashed back a second Deep Analysis and swung with the team. The Wurm's trample made sure Guevin couldn't survive.

Final Result: Jeff Cunningham defeats Pete Guevin 2-0

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