Round 7: Gab Tsang vs. Guillaume Daoust

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After six rounds yesterday only two players emerged with perfect records. They sat next to one another in the draft—with Gab taking late cards away from Guillaume whenever he could—and were now facing off to see which one of them would carry the perfect record forward.

Guillaume was laughing about his draft experience yesterday. He had never drafted Scourge before and although he knew what the cards did, he had to read them to recognize them. Despite what he says was a bad deck he did go 3-0 with it.

Gab is an old hand at this. It turns out that he plays much more Magic than you would think from yesterday's feature match coverage. He plays a lot of MODO now. "I log on every day—even if I don't play, it's great for chats." As a result Gab was pretty inexperienced with Scourge, which was not available to practice with online. He also did just fine yesterday with a 3-0 record in the draft. "The secret is to only read the cards in your colors or you won't have enough time!"

Game 1

Both players thought their opening hands were swell and things got underway with no mulligans. Gab played a turn three Pearlspear Courier that got in for two points of damage when Guillaume had not turn three play of his own. Gab had nothing to follow up with on the next few turns and elected to use the Courier to block Guillaume's turn four Goblin Clearcutter. Guillaume tried to Shock the Courier when Gab activated it to pump itself but Gab had the Dispersal Shield. Guillaume followed up with a Ridgetop Raptor.

Grassland Crusader came down on turn six and he was unwilling to trade it for the Raptor. Guillaume used his Torrent of Fire to torch the annoying soldier cleric before it came online. Gab made a 3/3 Daru Stinger on the next turn but he took another four from the Raptor waiting for it to be of some use. Guillaume reinforced with Barkhide Mauler.

When Gab played his Noble Templar it and the Stinger put and end to the attacking but he still had no real offense. Guillaume played some morphs and a Symbiotic Elf while Gab drew and played Keeneye Aven and Dive Bomber.

Gab was attacking with only his Keeneye Aven and leaving the Dive Bomber back in the two-for-one defensive position. Guillaume killed it with a Pinpoint Avalanche and swung in with everything on his next turn. Gab mounted his blocks as best he could and tried to Stinger the Raptor before damage went on the stack but one of Guillaume's morphs was a Patron of the Wild—with double strike the 5/4 Raptor did 10 damage, which was enough for the win with another unblocked morph.

Gab – 0 Guillaume – 1

Guillaume: "You weren't nice to me. You took my green/red cards on the wheel that I needed!"

Gab: "I knew I was playing you. I wouldn't have done it otherwise."

Game 2

Gab led off with a Farseer, which was promptly Spark Sprayed. Guillaume used his turn two Wirewood Elf to ramp up to turn three Ridgetop Raptor and a turn four Barkhide Mauler. Gab missed land drops on turns three and five. His only creature was a morph that he was bale to enchant with Dragon Scales but a Pinpoint Avalanche spelled his doom.

Final Result: Gab - 0 Guillaume - 2

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